Baboon escapes and runs free at the airport

Written by Nathan Jolly on 22nd May, 2018
Baboon escapes and runs free at the airport

The plan was to transport a baboon from Chicago to an animal sanctuary in California, but the creature had other ideas, pulling off a cold escape from its cage and rampaging through San Antonio International Airport.

He was soon cornered and captured, but not before footage was captured of his daring escape. Also, for all intents and purposes, I’m calling this little guy a little guy ‘cos naughty apes seem like boys not girls.

An airport spokesman said of the incident: “We are working closely with the San Antonio Aviation Department and officials from the San Antonio Zoo. Officials from the zoo are now on-site to ensure his safety and well-being as he continues his journey to his new home at the primate sanctuary.”

This recalls a similar recent situation, in which four baboons made a convict-style escape from a research lab. They teamed up, and used a 55-gallon barrel to aid them.

Long story, short: the monkeys are rebelling.

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The article was originally published on Brag Magazine