Axl Rose gave Dave Grohl a gift that massively inspired the latest Foo Fighters album

Written by Bianca Davino on 25th June, 2018
Axl Rose gave Dave Grohl a gift that massively inspired the latest Foo Fighters album

Guns N’ Roses enduring influence over rock music still reverberates today. There’s no secret that Dave Grohl is a huge fan of the Gunners, teaming up with the band on multiple occasions for collabs and onstage guest vocals.

In a recent interview with Radio X in the UK, Grohl revealed how one of the “worst gigs of his life” turned into a meaningful exchange between him and Axl Rose.

Dave discussed the band’s infamous 2015 set in Gothenburg, Sweden where Grohl fell off the stage, breaking his leg in the process. After the unfortunate fall, the band were forced to cancel a slew of dates on their current tour.

“I though this is the worst gig of my life. And then we got up onstage and finished the show and it was the BEST show of our entire career!” said Dave about the show.

The band returned to tour shortly after, with Dave appearing on stage in an epic Foo Fighters logo, guitar-laden throne.

Recycling the rock throne, Guns N’ Roses borrowed the chair during the band’s appearance at Coachella, after the frontman broke his foot earlier that year.

“When Axl borrowed it, his management asked how much do you charge for the throne? You can’t charge anybody for the throne, it’s bad karma! So I let him have it,” revealed Dave, who continued to share that Axl gave him a gift to say thank you, which ended up having a massive influence on the Foo Fighters 2017 album Concrete And Gold. 

“At the end of the tour, he gave me – as a thank you gift – the most incredible guitar, the best guitar I have ever had in my entire life. It’s a Gibson ES3-35, but it’s a single dot, it’s kind of rare. It’s like a ’63 or a ’65? I use it all over the new record.”

Guns N’ Roses and Foo Fighters recently joined forces for a performance of the track ‘It’s So Easy’ at Italy’s Firenze Rocks festival.

Watch ‘Run’ off the Foo Fighters 2017 release Concrete And Gold:

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