As It Is drop sweet rock tune ‘The Fire, The Dark’

Written by Georgia Moloney on 3rd August, 2018
As It Is drop sweet rock tune ‘The Fire, The Dark’

As It Is have just unleashed a stunning new single from their upcoming album, The Great Depression. Following on from The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry) comes The Fire, The Dark. The riff-ladened verses intertwined with the ballad-esque chorus make for a sweet rock tune that is sure to go off live.

Fans have, of course, been loving the track.

In their initial announcement of the record, the band stated that The Great Depression serves to “ask questions rather than give answers” and is an exploration of “the societal romanticisation of depression and the disrepair of human connection, through the story of a man who finds himself face to face with Death“.

The Great Depression is out August 10th via Fearless Records.

You can listen to The Fire, The Dark right here:

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