An introduction to E^ST, Fueled By Ramen’s latest signee

Written by Geordie Gray on 28th July, 2018
An introduction to E^ST, Fueled By Ramen’s latest signee

Legendary label Fueled By Ramen have announced their latest signee, Australia’s own E^ST.

E^ST is the moniker for 20-year-old Mel Bester. If you’re unfamiliar with her I’m truly sorry because you’re missing out on an extraordinary pop act.

E^ST already has a couple of EPs under her belt. You might recognise her 2017 belter “Life Goes On”. If not, check it out below:

Watch: E^ST – Life Goes On

E^ST writes observational and thoughtful pop music and we think she’ll thrive on the Fueled By Ramen roster. Fellow pop luminary Montaigne has succinctly encapsulated what E^ST’s music is about in this twitter thread.

E^ST has released a dreamy new single ‘I Don’t Lack Imagination’ in concurrence with the news she’s joining the Fueled By Ramen family. It’s a perfect self-aware bop that is “an ode to all the bad first dates we suffer through”. Listen below:

Listen: E^ST – I Don’t Lack Imagination

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