American fast food chain Carl’s Jr have confirmed their first Victorian store

Written by Tyler Jenke on 28th May, 2018
American fast food chain Carl’s Jr have confirmed their first Victorian store

If you feel that your fast food choices are limited in Australia, Victorians can now breathe a sigh of relief, with news that the first location of US chain Carl’s Jr has now been confirmed, with an opening date set for September.

Carl’s Jr first opened their doors in Australia in February of 2016. Since then, the chain has expanded beyond its initial Central Coast store, opening further locations in Queensland and South Australia. Now Victorians are set to get their very own fast food haven later this year.

As The Herald Sun reports, Carl’s Jr is set to open its first Victorian store in the south-western suburb of Williams Landing in September, with two other stores set to follow in the following months.

Of course, this is hardly any surprise to those hungry burger-watchers out there, with the Californian chain announcing earlier this year that they plan to open 30 stores in Victoria in the coming years – a number which could actually grow to as high as 70 if demand follows.

So if you reckon it’s a bit of a drive to head up to the Central Coast to grab yourself an Americanised bite, then be sure to plan your next trip to Victoria for September onwards so that you can partake in this little bit of Aussie fast food history.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine

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