All Time Low are teasing something seriously cryptic right now

Written by Bianca Davino on 12th June, 2018
All Time Low are teasing something seriously cryptic right now

It’s been a hot minute since All Time Low’s incredible 2017 effort Last Young Renegade. The album showcased a shift in style for the now elder-statesmen of pop punk, teetering on the edge of epic indie and arena rock.

Now, the band have taken to social media to tease the release of what will probably be new music from four of our favourite dudes. Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack have each taken to Twitter to post the extremely cryptic, “EVERYTHING IS FINE”.

Take a look at the shocking turn of events below:

Despite the band claiming that “everything is fine”, we can confirm that in fact, everything is not. The anticipation surrounding new All Time Low music has historically caused us a shortness of breath, profuse sweating and clammy hands. We need medical assistance ASAP.

Around six hours ago (at the time of writing this article) Alex Gaskarth tweeted, “You guys like new music or what?”, so we can pretty much bank on a new ATL track coming our way soon.

Last week it marked the 7 year anniversary of All Time Low’s 2011 effort Dirty Work, that featured some of our favourite tracks ‘Forget About It’, ‘Under A Paper Moon’, and ‘Return The Favour’, with Alex taking to Twitter to commemorate the album’s birthday. 

The band will soon be heading on tour with emo legends Dashboard Confessional and will be taking to the stage on three dates of the upcoming Warped Tour.

In the meantime whilst waiting for the tea to spill and the ball to get rolling, sit tight and enjoy a throwback to this iconic slice of pop punk heaven.

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