ALL HAIL HAIR METAL! A mini documentary by Tone Deaf

Written by Phoebe Loomes on 5th June, 2018
ALL HAIL HAIR METAL! A mini documentary by Tone Deaf

In celebration of Def Leppard’s massive Australian tour this November we are shouting out to the genre that saw rock and roll go to all the excesses. Hair metal is a time capsule, a scene that belonged to the eighties. It was loud, masculine, aggressive, sexualised, drug addled, myopic and hedonistic and fun.

It was all these things at all one time. The bands that rose to the top were glam, dripping in velvet, leather, lace and leopard print. ALL HAIL HAIR METAL!  is a mini documentary that celebrates big hair, big riffs and big hits from an era defined by hedonism, sexuality and machismo.

ALL HAIL HAIR METAL! A mini documentary by Tone Deaf

Def Leppard, icons of eighties rock and roll and hair metal, are touring Australia later this year to play their seminal album Hysteria from beginning to end.  Def Leppard’s original rise was meteoric. They have sold 100 million albums. But the band have not been without their setbacks and tragedies.

They tragically  lost their original guitarist Steve Clark in 1991 to alcohol poisoning after a long battle with alcoholism.

Their drummer Rick Allen was in a car accident in 1984 which left him missing an arm. He persevered and after rehabilitation, taught himself to play with one arm. He continues on as their drummer to this day.

The band are supported ‘Rock Me Like A Hurricane’ rockers Scorpion, who are embarking on their first ever Australian tour.

Def Leppard live 2018 Australian tour

Tickets on sale now via Live Nation


Friday November 2

Perth Arena


Sunday November 4

Adelaide Entertainment Centre


Tuesday November 6

Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Thursday November 8

Rod Laver Arena


Saturday November 10

ICC Sydney Theatre

Auckland (NZ)

Monday November 12

Spark Arena

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