All Aboard The Tekno Train At Vivid Sydney!

Written by Clodagh Mangan on 21st May, 2024
All Aboard The Tekno Train At Vivid Sydney!

Hop on, music lovers and get ready for the ride of your life! All aboard the Tekno Train by Paul Mac, bringing new meaning to "it's the journey not the destination" with a trip like no other. This immersive sound experience isn't your usual commute as an everyday train morphs into an extraordinary ride.

Tekno Train by Paul Mac, curated and composed by visionary musician and train-lover Paul Mac, reimagines the daily commute as a symphony of rhythmic beats and pulsing visuals.

"Trains have always fascinated me. Their mix of rhythmic clicks and clacks, the screech of metal on metal, the sound and smell of air brakes in underground tunnels, and a complex system of signals and points that magically control your journey and destination." - Paul Mac

Choose between The Scenic Route and the Tech Express Route, as each becomes a responsive canvas and techno soundscape. As your train moves, your journey through the city or across the Harbour Bridge becomes interactive. As the train accelerates and the terrain outside changes, the environment onboard shifts and responds, inviting passengers to be fully in the moment. Tekno Train by Paul Mac isn't just a trip, it's a communal invitation to tap into the hidden rhythm of our city. An opportunity to see city life through the eyes of one of Australia's best musicians.

Tekno Train by Paul Mac has two routes to choose from:

The Scenic Route

Sit back and take in the sights and sounds as the Tekno Train lights up your journey over the Bridge, and down a secret spur to Lavender Bay. This is the slower of the two journeys and is better suited to families with kids ages 5+.

Tech Express

Take it up a notch and go deep beneath the city with a pulsing Tekno thrill ride through City Circle and South Sydney. This is the more lively, full-bodied journey for those seeking a more fast-paced, immersive experience.

Tekno Train by Paul Mac

Fri 24 May - Sat 15 Jun

Central Station Grand Concourse, Sydney, NSW