Albums that are 10 years old this week

Written by Georgia Moloney on 17th June, 2018
Albums that are 10 years old this week

Today we celebrate the 10 year album anniversaries of 3 iconic pop releases. It’s hard to believe these records are 10 years old, considering how frequently they are still referenced in pop culture, and also because 2008 feels like yesterday. 2008 brought us so many incredible bops, and that will forever hold a nostalgic place in our hearts. Now, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate these albums of years past.

1. Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

17th June 2008

A re-release of her 2008 smash hit Good Girl Gone Badthe record had 4 new tracks, alongside exclusive footage from her 2-year world tour. Take A Bow, Disturbia and If I Never See Your Face Again (with Maroon 5) were all absolutely massive singles, propelling Rihanna even further into pop stardom. Good Girl Gone Bad also featured the all time classics Umbrella and Don’t Stop The Music; this record truly did gift us some of the best songs of the 2000’s.

2. Katy Perry – One Of The Boys

17th June 2008

One Of The Boys spawned Katy Perry’s first international hit singles, with I Kissed A Girl hitting #1 on the Billboard charts, and Hot N Cold peaking at #3. Perry was kooky, colourful and kitsch, and most certainly slid onto the pop scene with a bang. The record is pop-rock at it’s finest, filled with catchy hooks, a powerful vocal performance, and

3. The Camp Rock Soundtrack

17th June 2008

Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock was a huge success for Disney. It launched the career of pop goddess Demi Lovato, who was then just a baby-faced actress with an incredible vocal range. Also featuring the Jonas Brothers, with frontman Joe Jonas as a main character and love interest, the film was worldwide hit. Camp Rock continues to be one of the major Disney nostalgia films for gen-z and millennials. We’d like to personally thank Camp Rock for bringing us Demi Lovato.

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