“Actions of a predator”: Hayley Williams calls out men waiting for signatures at night

Written by Patrick Campbell on 8th July, 2018
“Actions of a predator”: Hayley Williams calls out men waiting for signatures at night

Hayley Williams yesterday tweeted about an experience of men following her through towns at night trying to get her signature. The Paramore lead singer said she had men waiting outside where she was sleeping and a movie theatre she went to with a friend.

The artist currently on tour in the US with Paramore called out the men, sharing how unsafe she felt. Labelling them “the actions of a predator”, Williams had men waiting outside where she was staying as well as a theatre she was leaving.

On top of this, the artist also called out the fact they were probably going to sell the items they got signed. So basically they were trying to profit off her fame, and being creepy doing it late at night.

You are grown men. I’m a tiny, 29 year old woman

Whilst attention from fans/the world is something Williams has likely gotten used to over her career, this however sounds like it’s a bit much. It is not fair to make a young woman feel even more unsafe in an unknown environment. No one should ever feel like their safety is threatened because of their fame.

We should not still have to tell men to stop harassing women. They should know by now that it’s not right. Harassing an artist so you can make a quick buck off them is never fair either. Especially outside where they’re sleeping, that’s just creepy.

Williams is just one of many artists who have discussed similar situations over the past few years. It is too common for young female artists to feel unsafe because of people and fans overstepping boundaries.

We all need to remember to respect the boundaries of an artist, and to not be creepy. It’s not that hard!

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