A Sydney restaurant dumped two unconscious women on the street

Written by Nathan Jolly on 10th July, 2018
A Sydney restaurant dumped two unconscious women on the street

Two unconscious women were carrying out of a Sussex Street restaurant and dumped onto the street, after staff let them drink eight shots of spirits within a forty minute window.

Gangnam Station Korean faces a range of charges in what Liquor and Gaming NSW called “one of the worst breaches of liquor laws in NSW in recent years.”

A police report states, “staff and other restaurant patrons carried the two unconscious female patrons from the premises and placed them on the footpath directly outside of the premises. One of the female patrons vomited on the floor while being carried out.

Police patrolling nearby observed a group of people gathered around the two intoxicated and unconscious female patrons on the footpath and attended the scene. Police requested an ambulance to attend the scene and the two intoxicated and unconscious females were taken to hospital.”

The incident occurred last November.

Shockingly, the restaurant’s licensee, Ms Sunhwa Kim is only receiving a “first strike” for the incident and a fine of $2,200, although the Liquor and Gaming Authority are seeking to move the restaurant’s closing time forward from 2am to midnight, and to require them to have a security guard with an RSA on premises from 8pm.

Director of Compliance Operations Sean Goodchild said: “It’s hard to imagine a worse case of a venue failing in its obligations to prevent misuse and abuse of alcohol.”

See ILGA’s report here

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine