A ‘Roseanne’ spinoff may be happening, without Roseanne

Written by Nathan Jolly on 4th June, 2018
A ‘Roseanne’ spinoff may be happening, without Roseanne

The reboot of Roseanne was abruptly canceled by ABC last week, following an extremely racist tweet from star Roseanne Barr, but now The Hollywood Reporter writes that the network is meeting this week to discuss potential spinoff ideas.

The catch is that Rosanne Barr will not be involved, and will not be able to profit from the series. This may prove difficult, as the original series is based on her stand-up character – which is basically her.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the upcoming series was expected to pull $60 million worth of ad revenue, so it is within the station’s best interests to protect this franchise as successfully as they can without ruffling feathers.

TMZ reports that Sara Gilbert, who plays Darlene, has been pitching a series to ABC revolving around her character – which would certainly be one way to go about this reboot in a natural way.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine