A new season of Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures is coming to channel ten

Written by Patrick Campbell on 8th July, 2018
A new season of Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures is coming to channel ten

In a very exciting turn of events, a classic Aussie television show has been revived for a third season! Today, ten daily announced that a new season of All Aussie Adventures would be coming very soon.

Starting in 2001, the show follows Russell Coight (Glenn Robbins) as he adventures through Australia teaching people about the wilderness. The show ran for two seasons as the accident-prone bushman travelled the outback sharing his expert advice with his viewers every week.

The show finished after a second season in 2002, and was shortly revived for the movie “Russell Coight’s Celebrity Challenege. A change.org petition back in 2016 gained over 13,000 signatures in support of bringing the show back. TEN picked the show up and new episodes were originally expected in 2017, but were later delayed. Now you can expect season three of All Aussie Adventures on TEN and tenplay before the end of the year.

On the new season, Coight has said “I’m very excited to be back. This new series will have a strong focus on camp cooking (we were thinking of calling it MasterCoight) with a different marsupial mystery box each week.”

All Aussie Adventures

The petition that helped launch the show was concerned with youth of today growing up without his sound outback knowledge. Who else is there who knows more than the man who taught us you that salt water crocodiles can be found in fresh water too.

The new season will consist of eight episodes and has not yet received a release date. Luckily that just means you have time to brush up on your wildlife skills in time for the new season. You can revisit the first two seasons on YouTube right now!

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The article was originally published on Brag Magazine