A Brisbane pub is offering $20 all-you-eat nuggets every Saturday

Written by Nathan Jolly on 12th June, 2018
A Brisbane pub is offering $20 all-you-eat nuggets every Saturday

As we’ve covered before, in 2015, Hamish and Andy took a bus of 70 hungry souls to an unsuspecting fast food restaurant in an attempt to completely eat them out of chicken nuggets.

A similar slaughter might happen in Brisbane over the following weeks, as The Coop Bistro in Brisbane are offering all-you-can eat nuggets every Saturday from now until they realise how mad this is.

It’s known as The Nugg Club, and between midday and 9pm every Saturday you can enjoy two hours of gorging on nugs; they even have gluten-free or veggie options – plus ten different dipping sauces, because everyone knows the secret to a solid epic eating competition (and this IS a competition) is variety of tastes.

Plus every sixth visit, you eat for free!

Saturdays just became breakfast-free in Brisbane.

The infamous nug raid

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine

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