10 5 Seconds of Summer B-Sides you may have forgotten about

Written by Georgia Moloney on 3rd May, 2018
10 5 Seconds of Summer B-Sides you may have forgotten about

5 Seconds Of Summer have released a LOT of music in their time. There’s the two albums, their plethora of EPs, and a cornucopia of sneaky B-Sides, acoustic songs and bonus tracks, so we thought we’d take a walk down memory lane and count down our Top 10 5SOS B-Sides.

10. Try Hard 

Originally released before the 5 Seconds Of Summer album came out with a super fun video clip, in addition to appearing on the Don’t Stop EP! The song was a special treat for fans who were hanging out for them to drop new music.

9. Too Late

Back in 2012, before 5SOS toured with One Direction and became the biggest pop-punk band on the planet, all we had was the Somewhere New and Unplugged EP’s, the latter which we admittedly may ripped from YouTube so we could put it on our iPod classics… But now it’s on Spotify – yay!

8. Daylight

The song is something a little different from the boys; off the Amnesia EP, it heavily features Calum’s vocals, Ashton pounding the living daylights (no pun intended, lol) out of his crash cymbal, and the more prominent instrumentals. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

7. Greenlight

5SOS played Greenlight live when they were on the world tour with One Direction, and it was a bonus track on some versions of 5 Seconds Of Summer. As a result, it’s been a continual fan favourite, and we are SO glad there was a studio version released.

6. Just Saying

Full of energy, powerful guitars and a lot of shit talking, Just Saying is a pop-punk banger that we always gravitate back to.

5. Safety Pin 

Originally on Sounds Good, Feels Good, this track was re-released on a SGFG B-Sides EP in 2016. We reckon the song is STILL criminally underrated. The sweeping chorus, powerful bridge and mix of all the boys’ vocals make this song a must-listen.

4. Wrapped Around Your Finger 

If you’ve seen this song performed live, you get it. (This one is especially relevant if you’re a Michael stan). ALL THE FEELS. 

3. Independence Day

Released on the Target Exclusive version of the 5 Seconds Of Summer, this tune isn’t too well known – but it should be. Now that it’s on Spotify, you have zero reasons not to be jamming it 24/7.

2 . Wherever You Are

This acoustic banger sure does tug at the heartstrings, not to mention that the video is basically a visual time capsule. Ow.

1. Unpredictable

Look, we know it technically isn’t a B-Side, but it is ABSOLUTELY their most underrated bop. Even with all the great music they’ve released since the Somewhere New EP in 2012, we still can’t go past Unpredictable as an all-time fan favourite. Even more nostalgia vibes!

They also released a new song recently, which you can check out here.

What is your favourite underrated 5SOS song? Let us know!

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