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Weapon Survival & Combative Grappling Sydney

Kinetic Fighting

Weapon Survival & Combative Grappling Sydney

1:00pm, Sat 29 May, 2021 - 6:00pm, Sun 30 May, 2021
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Train in Paul Cale’s world-leading close-combat programs used by Australian Special Forces & Army, tailored for everyday self-protection. Do one, two or all three modules:

‘CHARLIE’ – Learn how to apply the principles of Kinetic Fighting to detect threats and protect against common street weapons. 

‘DELTA’ – Develop your weapon-survival skill sets and ability to control fear, while learning a drilling framework for ongoing training and improvement.

‘ECHO’ – Learn the essential tactics and techniques of grappling to overcome a committed assault, and how to adapt sport grappling skills for survival.

A veteran of multiple combat tours with the 2nd Commando Regiment, former Sergeant Paul Cale literally rewrote the book on Special Forces Close-Quarter Fighting (CQF). He then created Infantry Integrated Combat (ICC), and later the Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP) — now the official close-combat training system for Australia’s general Army.

The Personal Combatives courses in Cale’s Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat (KEF–IC) syllabus use the same principles and core techniques as ACP, but you learn only what’s applicable to tackling violence as a civilian. Battlefield rules of engagement are replaced with the laws of self-defence, and a soldier’s weapon systems are replaced with your body, and whatever you can legally carry or find at hand. But the mindset remains the same.

In these sessions, Kinetic Fighting founder Paul Cale and KEF–IC instructor will teach you battle-proven principles and survival tactics that are:

  • Adaptable to any martial art or professional operational procedure

  • Suitable for civilians & front-line operators, from beginners to professionals

  • Backed by Cale's 25+ years of career military experience & 40+ years in martial arts, as well as many years of experience teaching self-protection.


Session 1 – CHARLIE Weapon Survival Essentials

In this course (Charlie module in the KEF–IC syllabus), you will discover not only the essential components of surviving an armed attack, but how to arm yourself (legally) for the purpose. A mix of theory and practice, these lessons will help you hone fundamental skill sets (including those learned in our Self-Protection Essentials course, if you’ve done it) and integrate Kinetic Fighting’s core principles and survival strategies into your thinking as well as your actions.

Over four hours, you will develop a working knowledge of the following key aspects of self-protection:

  • Behavioural threat awareness and weapon detection

  • Weapon characteristics and vulnerabilities to exploit

  • Distancing concepts specific to weapons

  • Weapon suppression and control methods 

  • Legal considerations for possession and use of self-protection tools 

  • Improvisation and effective use of legal tools for defence.

Prerequisites: None — beginners welcome*

Time: 1–5pm 29 May 2021

Session 2 – DELTA Weapon Response Framework

In this course (the KEF–IC Delta module), Paul Cale will take you through a series of drills and scenarios designed to heighten your awareness and quickly develop your ability to respond to bladed and blunt weapons. In four hours on the mats, you will grow your arsenal of effective counter options and expand your understanding of survival tactics when it comes to weapon threats and attacks.

You will learn drills and exercises that provide an ongoing framework for the development of the following key skills and attributes:

  • Recognising and dealing with combat stress and fear

  • Intercepting/capturing a weapon regardless of angle 

  • Simple and direct takedown methods 

  • How to use walls and objects offensively and defensively

  • Assisting another party during an assault

  • Awareness of capability, and working within it.

Your instructor will also field questions and troubleshoot, helping you to work through any issues you’re having in understanding the principles and tactics or applying your technique.

Prerequisite: KEF–IC Charlie*

Time: 9am–1pm, 30 May 2021

Session 3 – ECHO Combative Grappling

In this course (the KEF–IC Echo module), Paul Cale will teach you how to out-grapple an opponent when lives are at stake, rather than competition points. In four hours you will learn vital strategies and skills to survive life-threatening situations where you end up on the ground, and/or the assailant attempts to grab, control and move you. You will also drill ground-fighting responses to multiple assailants and how to grapple when weapons are, or could be, in use.  

You will learn core skills and drills to develop the following key aspects of grappling for self-protection:

  • Targeting your attacks to stop threats rapidly

  • Ground survival against multiple attackers

  • Weapon awareness, pre-emptive response and counters

  • Clinching with a weapon (both blades and firearms)

  • Classic trips and reaps adapted for real combat

  • Supine (guard) offence and recovery tactics

  • Shoulder lock variations and controls for key tactical positions

Prerequisites: None — beginners welcome

Time: 2pm–6pm, 30 May 2021

COVID-19 policy: In addition to enhanced safety and hygiene protocols, participants may choose to work with only their own partner for the majority of the seminar. (Special discounts apply if you bring a training partner — select two or more tickets.)

* If you have already completed the Charlie and/or Delta modules (previously known as Level 2-Alpha and Level 2-Bravo) and would like to do a refresher, contact info@kefgroup.com for special pricing.