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The Grass is Greener Festival 2018

The Grass is Greener Festival 2018

12:00pm, Sat 27 October, 2018
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The Grass Grows Greener up here; that's just a fact.

Our oceans are full of life, and the sun shines brighter.

This one-day music festival is for everyone who knows that life is just that much sweeter in our neck of the woods.

For the last few years, we've been bringing you, world-class artists, rocking the house and showing the world how we roll.

We're home!



VIP Area Includes

Dedicated VIP Bar

VIP Toilets

VIP Stage Viewing

Refresh Station

Refillable Water Bottle

Complimentary Drink Token

VIP Gifts

Dedicated VIP photographer


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All Ages - Anyone 14 and below must be accompanied by an adult or attend in a group with an adult to ensure safety standards are kept and everyone has a fun and safe time.