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Strung Out (Pelly Bar)

Blue Murder

Strung Out (Pelly Bar)

8:00pm, Fri 18 March, 2016
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Southern California tech-punk quintet, Strung Out are back! Announcing an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand off the back of their latest album, Transmission.Alpha.Delta.

It's been six long years since Strung Out's last album. To go this long without new music may be a cause for alarm, but as vocalist Jason Cruz explains, "You have to live and experience other things in your life to have something to write about, to give value to what you're singing about."

Cruz & Co. were able to put their time off to good use, focusing their energy on the creation of Transmission.Alpha.Delta. Helping to map the original 90's skate-punk territory more than 20 years ago, Strung Out are so adept at squeezing every ounce of creativity out of their punk-rock skill set that there is not yet a need for them to explore uncharted, genre-bending territory, continuing to unearth some of its most compelling riffs. Transmission.Alpha.Delta isn't merely "classic" Strung Out, because it isn't a replica of earlier material, however "its a release that is far meatier than anything the band has put forward in the past decade" declare Punk News.

It's the urge to keep pushing to be modern and relevant and not rest on their laurels that continually sets Strung Out apart from so many of their nostalgia-obsessed peers, "reminding us that melodic punk can be so much more interesting when it's being performed by top-notch musicians" proclaim No Echo

Its clear Strung Out are rejuvenated and ready for more.

In addition, New Orleans newest punk band, PEARS are confirmed as support. Coming from deep within the voodoo juju gris swamps of the French Quarter, it's clear that PEARS are good at making music. Punk News proclaim, "PEARS is an awesome band and they have an incredibly refreshing and unique sound that they have brought to the hardcore subgenre,". Their mixture of hardcore riffs, pop-punk melodies, and sludgy breaks create a sound that belongs to them, and only them! New Noise Magazine conceded that, "(Go To Prison) is hands down one of the best releases of 2014".

Don't miss your chance to see two of the scenes most exciting genre bending bands.