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Splendour in the Grass 2014 | Campers & RV Car Park Passes

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Splendour in the Grass 2014 | Campers & RV Car Park Passes

10:00am, Wed 23 July, 2014 - 5:00pm, Mon 28 July, 2014
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Important information for Camping patrons to read before you drive to Splendour in the Grass

There will be set limits on the number of vehicles that will be allowed to enter the venue, carparks each day. This will be controlled through a quota on the number of vehicle passes available per day. **

Please note: You are only required to pre-purchase a car pass for the day you are entering the campers carpark or RV Park. Not for each day your vehicle will be onsite. Only purchase one parking pass per vehicle for the day you wish to arrive. REMEMBER to access the campgrounds or RV Park you must hold a Camping Ticket for each person wishing to camp in the campgrounds, or each person wishing to stay in a vehicle in the RV Park.

To help control the amount of traffic in and around the venue, vehicles entering the campers carpark or RV park will require a Campers Carpark Pass or RV Parking Pass. Any vehicle with a valid Campers Carpark Pass entering the Campers Carpark with 3 or more event and camping ticketholders inside the vehicle will be entitled to a refund voucher to the value of $30. Refund vouchers will be redeemable within the event site at a designated location specified on the voucher. RV Parking Passes are NOT eligible to participate in the Pass Refund System that Splendour in the Grass operates.

The campers carpark is located adjacent to the campgrounds. Please consider when you are packing for your trip that your car will NOT be located next to your tent

Campervans, camper trailers, caravans and vehicles designed to sleep in will require an RV Parking Pass to access the RV Park. Sleeping in vehicles in the Campers Carpark is not permitted. RV Parking Passes are NOT eligible to participate in the Pass Refund System that Splendour in the Grass operates.

Campervans up to 7.5m and caravans up to 6m in length are OK to access the RV Park with a pre-purchased RV Parking Pass. Anyone intending to bring motor-homes or caravans larger than this will need to check with us first via camping@splendourinthegrass.com

Any drop-offs of caravans or camper trailers will require advance notice via camping@splendourinthegrass.com. An RV Parking Pass is required to be pre-purchased for these vehicles to be allowed access into the RV Park.

Please note that once your vehicle is parked in the Campers Carpark or RV Park it must be left there for the duration of the event. Vehicles cannot come and go from the campground carparks over the weekend as this only adds to the level of traffic both inside the site and on surrounding approach roads. Camping and Event wristbands may be removed from occupants of vehicles who exit prior to their final departure. Please use a shuttle bus instead or call Byron Taxis (6685 5008).

Ride-sharing or public transport is a great way to help the environment, reduce traffic congestion and make new road trip friends. Go to Jayride or check out 'Getting There' for bus info.


While those campers with a valid car pass for Wed 23 July will be able to enter the campers carpark, campground and RV Park on this day, please note the festival entertainment precinct will not be open. Some food stalls will be available in the campgrounds. Shuttle buses will operate between North Byron Parklands, Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay. Bus information can be found here.


The festival's entertainment precinct opens for campers from 9am Thurs 24 July to allow access to additional food stalls and restaurants. Most venues except the main stages will be operating from 11am to midnight, so if you arrive by then, please come in and check out the site, enjoy the hospitality and warm up by the bonfires in the evening.


Campers Carpark Passes and RV Parking Passes will be emailed to you as electronic tickets. You will be required to print this ticket off and place it on the dashboard of your vehicle on the drivers side. Please have your vehicle pass in place well before arriving at North Byron Parklands so that this is easily visible to traffic controllers and staff.

There is ticket limit of 2 passes per buyer.


The following should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions printed on your Camping Ticket and reproduced elsewhere on this website.


Please don't arrive between midnight-7am as we will not have staff available to admit you into the Campers Carpark, RV Park or campgrounds during those hours.

If you want to camp alongside friends you must arrive at the same time.

Campsites will be allocated by Splendour staff. You cannot save campsite space next to yours for friends arriving later.

Make sure you know what you cannot bring into the campground and RV Park - check the banned items here. Pay special attention to the restrictions on fires and flammable items.

Don't forget to bring your ID and your camping and event tickets.


All private vehicles entering the venue carparks MUST have a Car Pass purchased in advance (not on site) from www.moshtix.com.au from June 16. A refund voucher to the value of $30 will be given to vehicles with a Campers Carpark Pass that arrive with 3 or more occupants holding valid Event and Camping tickets. Vouchers are redeemable within the event site at location/s specified on voucher. Full terms and conditions will be displayed on Campers Carpark Pass.

Once parked, your vehicle cannot be moved again until you depart the festival.

Shuttle buses will run between the festival site and surrounding locations including Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay. Fares apply.

Be smart when planning your trip. Expect delays when arriving and departing as a lot of vehicles will be trying to get in and out of the venue carparks at the same time.

For more information go to http://www.splendourinthegrass.com/faqs.html - 29