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4:00pm, Sat 12 October, 2019
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REGURGITATOR Quarter Pounder - 25 years of being consumed w/ THE FAUVES + DJ MANGOHIG + special guests

We're bringing the REGURGITATOR quarter pounder to Darwin to one of our favourite outdoor, beachside venues Darwin Surf Life Saving Club and De La Plage for a real live party. Not only that, but given it's one of the best places to run your dog, why not bring 'Dogs Are The Best People' creators THE FAUVES on board for the ride. Local DJ/producer DJ MANGOHIG will be dishing out a selection of bangers throughout the day playing tribute to the nostalgia of the era. 

About the Gurge machine

Emerging from one of the eddies in the independent undercurrent of Brisbane’s 90s music scene, the past 2.5 decades have been of ceaseless reinventive spirit, playing with form and flux, the affection of self-parody, ever ambling a rickety bridge of modus vivendi, all bagged up with an effervescent outsider enthusiasm that has never left their skin. And now... to pound the quarter century mark with a fully blown visually rehabilitated retrospective of a show straddling a holographic hyperbole of antiquated technology, trawling the analogue back through the digital.

And when it comes to those ubiquitous lists... 

Maybe 11 ALBUMS or so if you count the live, Jingles compilation and latest kids release;

EPS surely must be 7 of these at least... and in their time maybe 16 singles, a few 7inches and 5 or so DVD releases. And MUSIC VIDEOS feels like maybe 47 or so of those...

SHIRTS jeez, must have been close to 120 or so designs spread across... approximately 905 PERFORMANCES or thereabouts including maybe 25 national headline tours, 6 Big Day Out tours, so many festivals you could poke a stick at... along  with some great times playing with DEVO, Boredoms, The Prodigy, TISM, Audio Active, CIV, The Mint Chicks, Ratatat, Senyawa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Helmet, The Melvins and more including the odd collaborative excursions into theatre, dance, live soundtracks and generally just bent on allowing an unstable ingenuity... and on that note who could forget 21 days inside a glass BUBBLE!

Whatever the extent of this output means in the greater scheme of things the obvious consistencies have always been the open pursuit of creative probity, humour above serious intent, sustainable mentalities above any need for dominance, and about as honest unto themselves as possible - whomever that might be? All in all just playing to the ad-hoc... making it up as it goes.

Joining us for this head-brush of a warp drive through our times is none other than erstwhile compadres in the mirthful upending of contemporary culture THE FAUVES.

About The Fauves

The Fauves’ lengthy tenure has seen them outlast several generations of bands. Long have they posed like big game hunters on the African savannah with their feet astride the lifeless neck of the music industry. Forgotten but not gone, the band released its 12th album, Driveway Heart Attack, in May, a 22-song journey into darkness, light and a sort of crepuscular gloom.  The band been likened to a North Queensland cult. For those who have been indoctrinated, membership is a revelatory experience. Others tend to just walk past the large cyclone fence and peer through occasionally.