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PSEUDO ECHO supported by Squeaker.

PSEUDO ECHO supported by Squeaker.

7:00pm, Sat 27 July, 2013
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Pseudo Echo pioneered the 1980s electro sound in Australia and quickly established themselves as one of the most successful and influential bands in the country.

With smash hits like "Listening" and "A Beat for You" from their debut gold album "Autumnal Park" followed by the platinum selling "Love An Adventure" album which featured the hits "Don't Go", "Living in a Dream" and the title track "Love an Adventure" the band was set to make its mark on the international stage.

Brian Canham (singer/songwriter/guitarist) then came up with the masterstroke to record a killer version of the song "Funky Town". At just 24 years of age Brian produced a worldwide smash hit which saw them top the Australian charts for 12 weeks, soar to the USA and UK Top 10 as well as dozens of other countries. Pseudo Echo's Funky Town came to be the unofficial anthem of the 1980s; big hair, bigger hooks and totally unforgettable. It still packs out dance floors 25 years later.

Pseudo Echo's music continues to influence and resonate today with remixes and samples of their songs by renowned DJ's such Smash/n/Grab, Sly, Quench and Mr. Quick

Featuring the line up of:
Brian Canham
Ben Grayson
Darren Danielson
Simon Rayner

Pseudo Echo continues their musical legacy by hitting the road again in 2013, catch them at venue new you in June July & August..

For dates visit www.facebook.com/pseudoecho