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Kevin Bloody Wilson - DILLIGAF DAY, World Tour

Banana Bender Pub

Kevin Bloody Wilson - DILLIGAF DAY, World Tour

7:00pm, Fri 14 June, 2024
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Aussie legend Kevin Bloody Wilson take aim at political correctness with comedic precision, it'll have you laughing 'til your kangaroo hops away.

There are few international comedians today who shoot down political correctness with such comedic pinpoint accuracy as Australia’s Kevin Bloody Wilson!

While todays Age Of Outrage has his contemporaries ducking for cover for fear of being cancelled, Kev crushes PC eggshells with the grace and diplomacy of a wounded buffalo. 

Kev’s famous DILLIGAF approach to PC is a breath of fresh air, direct, clever and outrageously funny. INTERNATIONAL DILLIGAF DAY is every day, according toKEV and he’s looking forward to bringing the new album and show to fans around the world as he tackles political correctness head on.
Social Justice Warriors, Snowflakes and PC Advocates are invited to stay home.........The rest of us are gonna have a ball! INTERNATIONAL DILLIGAF DAY!”