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Demigodz featuring Apathy & Celph Titled

Trent Slingshot & High Fi Present

Demigodz featuring Apathy & Celph Titled

7:00pm, Sun 31 March, 2013

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THE DEMIGODZ are a super crew headed up by underground hip-hop favorites Apathy and Celph Titled. They've been branding and assembling their fleet since their early appearances on the scene in the late 90's. Apathy was first heard to the world on Jedi Mind Tricks' cult classic "Psycho-Social" LP, and Celph Titled made his debut during the indie 12"-vinyl craze with his groups Equilibrium and Walkmen.

Since those beginnings, they've both managed to stay relevant in an ever-changing scene and continuously grow their following. Through the years, the roster of Demigodz has shifted and evolved but the heartbeat of the crew has always revolved around being the sharpest MC possible. The Demigodz in 2013 showcase Ap and Celph along with Ryu (of Styles of Beyond/Fort Minor), Esoteric, Blacastan and Motive. These MC's span as far west as Los Angeles, down south as Tampa Bay, but join together at their base in the northeast areas of Connecticut and Boston. In 2002, Apathy and Celph Titled presented the debut Demigodz EP "The Godz Must Be Crazy" on the now-defunct Ill Boogie Records/Caroline EMI imprint. Sparking much attention and strong Soundscan sales numbers, this release eventually led to Apathy being signed as a solo artist by Atlantic Records that same year.

Since that time, Celph Titled and Apathy's solo careers have exploded. Their discographies have included successful solo albums, group projects with Jedi Mind Tricks/Army of the Pharaohs, Linkin Park/Fort Minor, Get Busy Committee, Buckwild of D.I.T.C., and their touring reach has crossed international regions from Canada, Europe and Australia.

However, the focus is now is on their latest Demigodz project, "KILLmatic" - a new full length including the entire roster which features production from DJ Premier, Marco Polo, Snowgoons and Apathy himself. This album marks a monumental event for their hardcore fans as it has been anticipated immensely for 10-plus years now. It couldn't have come at a better time though, because Apathy and Celph's legion of supporters have only continued to become larger rather than downsize. These boys are back, bigger than ever, and ready to unleash their witty mayhem over dusty hardcore beats in a climate where the mainstream world is in techno-pop bliss. In the words of Organized Konfusion: "Crush, kill, destroy, stress!"