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Chairman of the Fretboard + Karski Daly Blues

Perth Blues Club

Chairman of the Fretboard + Karski Daly Blues

7:30pm, Tue 4 July, 2023
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Chairman of the Fretboard + Karski Daly Blues

Chairman of the Fretboard | 7.30pm

Musically speaking, these 3 have been members of fretboards for years. Andrew Winton a seasoned blues, roots touring artist, Dave Brewer, the national treasure of Australian Blues and Trevor Jalla, the musician’s musician playing many styles in multiple line ups. Join them for their first 'Blues AGM' as joint chairmen together for blues inspired, feel-good music and some musical chair swapping surprises.

Karski Daly Blues | 8.45pm

Karski Daly Blues is an outfit that grew out of ‘the Nervous Investors’ and ‘The Heavy Hitters’, both righteous acts on the Perth Blues scene for some years. With the passing of Roy Daniel, bassist for both bands, the time came for his former band mates to join forces and close ranks.The result is a harmonica and guitar driven quartet with a driving dance edge and dual vocals, featuring;
PAUL DALY – (vocals and blues harp) with his signature vocal and harp style, engaging stage presence and honest delivery, Paul has established a loyal fan base on the WA blues scene with The Shinkickers.
YUGON CHOBANOFF – (The Russian of Percussion) A stalwart of the Perth Blues scene, his enthusiastic personality and style is a feature in both The Doodaddies & The Vibrolators. His groove is unmatched for both precision and swing.
PAT SAVINA – (bass) filling Roy Daniel’s sonic footprint is no easy task, but Pat has managed to step in with his own inimitable style, whilst maintaining the integrity of the groove that needed preserving. His soloing is both inventive and unique.
LEZ KARSKI – (vocals and guitar) Lez’s history on the Australian Blues scene is well documented, appearing with the Foreday Riders, the Hippos, Bondi Cigars, Donkeys and the Nervous Investors. Too old to know better and too silly to stop, he’s still having fun playingthe Blues with his friends Together ‘Karski Daly Blues’ intend to keep up a tradition of dance driven Blues designed to engage the heart, soul and feet of anyone within earshot.