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Bang Bang Bandit Variety Show

Bettie Bang Bang and Bettie Bandit

Bang Bang Bandit Variety Show

7:00pm, Sat 4 September, 2021

Event Details

Burlesque, Drag, Tease, Comedy


We're bootscootin in 2021!

The Bang Bang Bandit Variety Show is in town and ready to make ya'll cheer for more! With a saloon vibe throughout the show, you'll be roaring with laughter and gazing in wonder as different acts take to the stage to entertain you! 

Boasting an assortment of acts by local and interstate artists, you'll be treated to burlesque, comedy, drag, circus, vaudeville, song, spoken word and more - each show with a different lineup! From performers who have never before graced the stage to seasoned artists, this is a variety show like no other! 

Get ready to boot scoot down to Knox Street Bar in your best Western gear and enjoy an evening of entertainment with us!

September Lineup: 

Ginger Foxx 

Demi and Ophelia 


Berlin Von Black 

Sian Brigid  

Kitty Allure 

Voadora Sam