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4:00pm, Sat 16 February, 2013

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80's Dress-Up Theme & Music

7 Amazing bands from around Australia.

The very best in Classic Rock,  Sleazy Glam & Arena Rock

join together for 1 night only.

Get yourself glammed up! Tease that hair! Rip those jeans! cos we're heading back to the 80's! And we are bringing you the BEST possible line-up from all aroundAustralia!! 


DE LA CRUZ (Gold Coast) 


80's influenced, riff-powered Arena Rock band De La Cruz are heading toAdelaidetoROCKSA for the first time ever! 

De La Cruz's debut, full length studio album STREET LEVEL will be internationally released by Frontiers Records onMARCH 22nd 2013!! 

plus they will be playing at ROCKLAHOMA FESTIVAL 2013 and touring the U.S.A!! 



"If KISS had made "Too Fast For Love" in the hair metal days whilst hopped up on a cocktail of bad tequila and good drugs, it might have sounded likeAdelaide's GENERATION SWINE." 

"Every song here would have been all over the radio in 1987" 

"Dirty, rough, irresistable stuff - Generation Swine are maturing into exactly the band their fans want them to be - irrepressible, unashamedly retro, and after nothin' but a good time!" 



"White Widdow deserve all the accolades that will surely come their way" 9/10 - Classic Rock Magazine (UK) 

White Widdow was formed inMelbourne,Australiain 2008 by front man Jules Millis , Bassist Trent Wilson and Guitarist Enzo Almanzi. Soon after, Jules brought in his brother Xavier Millis on the keyboards, a two timeARIA(Australian Record Industry Award) nominee. With Xavier onboard, the writing team was in place and with Jim Naish on drums the line up was complete. 

Raised on a healthy diet of 80's Arena Rock and influenced by artists such as White Sister, Giuffria, Aviator, Survivor, Dokken, Danger Danger, Starship and Australia's own Rick Springfield, Roxus, BB Steal and DeMont. In mid 2009 White Widdow recorded and released their free digital only EP which was very well received in selected press and started to create an interest in the band outside of their nativeAustralia. 

In 2010 White Widdow stormed onto the Melodic Rock scene across the globe with the release of their self titled debut album throughoutEuropeon theAORHeaven label. The release of the debut was met by the press with rave reviews making it into Classic Rock Magazine's top 10AORalbums for 2010. An album full of Melodic Rock andAORanthems filled with swirling keyboards, blistering guitar playing and big choruses full of hooks. 

In June 2012, It was announced that vocalist Jules Millis was the new singer for Legendary UK Glam Metal band Tigertailz, but would also continue as vocalist for White Widdow. 

Already writing for album number three and aiming for a late 2013 release, White Widdow show no signs on slowing down! 



4 fine gentlemen bringing the substance back to rock n roll! They're a new outfit, but in a good old way!!! Torsten Steel, Vivian Jones, Robbie Jones and Ryan Moore have all honed their skills playing in bands throughoutAdelaide. 

They know the direction they're heading and what they're aiming for musically. So whether you're looking for image, song writing, attitude or vibe, they will always give you "High paced, in your face, Laced in Lust"! 

This is part of their long running Australian tour and promises to bring out their very best (which is DAMN good we may add!) 



Kill Appeal are a young band from Sydney who play a unique and dynamic style of hard rock music. They have mastered the art of pure, unadulterated "ENTERTAINMENT" and hold the key to that substance which will shield rock 'n' roll from the rather perilous task of growing old. 2011 has seen the release of their debut EP, "Visitation" and with shows becoming more and more frequent, the boys are set on changing the way Hard Rock is heard and bringing music that makes you feel alive to the masses 



If Love Cream were to be described in one word it would be "LoveCream". 

Love Cream come from the cozy eastern suburbs ofAdelaideand into your ears. They are at the forefront of bringing the balls back to the Rock genre. Having played the 2012 Adelaide Big Day Out in February and subsequently amassing a large and ever-growing cult following, one thing is for certain: The 'Cream always rises to the top. 

In a time where the golden age of rock is a thing of the past, and acoustic-wielding, cardigan-clad, non-prescription glasses wearing bedwetters dominate the guitar-based music scene, Love Cream arise to right wrongs and return all things ballsy back to music. 

Love Cream recently won 'Adelaide's Next Superstar' and are on the verge of big and creamy things of love! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Prepare To Be Creamed. 



Claiming to be loud, drunk, and inappropriate at all times, these guys possess the attitude of Motley Crue, the swagger of Aerosmith, and the sleaze of Poison.Melbourne's hard-rockin' rebels Kill Shot have just emerged on the scene and they're coming to get ya! Their sound is raucous and raw, a rowdy beast escaping from your speakers which will punch you in the face with aggressive riffs and soaring guitar solos. Dads, make sure you lock up your daughters! 

LICENSEDALLAGES - InviteALLyour friends! Then get more friends and invite them too!! 

Get into your 80's gear and get ready for an ass-kickin' night of sleazy glammy trashy rock! Featuring a HUGE line-up of some of the very best bands from aroundAustralia!