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Yuvi's 30th Shindig

4:00pm, Sat 16 October, 2021
Ella Sabe, QLD

Event Details

Be there or be square!

Welcome to the end of my life party... Just kidding... 30's can't be that bad, right??? 

Ok let us deal with this... I'm getting old. Some of you thought I wouldn't make it out of kindergarten let alone this far! So come one, come all and celebrate my birthday, tell stories and embarrass me! 

The way most of you drink made me realise that there is no way I can afford a bar tab that will do you all justice.  

Instead I have decided to make YOU pay for the bar tab.  JOKES, but not really.  

I have made a deal with the venue that if we spend on the bar then the venue will be for our EXCLUSIVE use!

The way some of you party, this is an absolute must! 

To make this easier for everyone, I have arranged for a drinks package! 

$60pp going straight to the bar covering basics, beers, WET PUSSYs and MOJITOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the tab has run its course, we will still have the place to ourselves until 8pm. The club opens at 8 so the Kick-ons can begin (please be gentle ) 

Any questions, please refer them to my manager and I will get back to you at MY earliest convenience. 

See you slackers there!!!