House Of Burlesque Presents

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7:00pm, Fri 3 August, 2018
David Williamson Theatre, VIC

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House of Burlesque is proud to present the latest, greatest House of Burlesque show for you to immerse yourself in. Beware, there's no return!

House Of Burlesque Presents

*** Pre-Purchased Wine Only - No Bar Onsite ***

Doors Open 7pm | Seated by 7:45pm | Show Starts 8pm SHARP

54 John Street, Prahran VIC 3181

Dress: Come as a White Rabbit - a rabbit mask would be perfect!
Look out for the Red Rabbit....she's dangerously exciting!

We're All Mad Here!

House of Burlesque is proud to present the latest, greatest House of Burlesque show for you to immerse yourself in. Beware, there's no return!

Madness! We're all a little mad, don't you think? Our latest show celebrates the crazy - revels in the something different and definitely makes you think outside the box! Will you dare to be there? We invite you to WE'RE. ALL MAD HERE, inspired by the classic Alice in Wonderland.

On this very special, insane night, it's really about letting your hair down and appreciating individual personalities. As you'd expect, House of Burlesque never disappoints and we have a selection of no less than FIFTEEN scandalously disgraceful acts paying tribute to some of the wildest Alice in Wonderland characters to titillate, tantalise and bring out your crazy side!

The delightful outrageous Milan Perkinswill play the Mad Hatter
"By the time the clock strikes closing a curtain on all of the chaos and pleasure you've had, You will be questioning- "Can I bet you certain that it's not me who here who's gone totally mad now enough of this talk get some spoon on your fork,and let,s see where the night leads us....

OUR ESTEMMED GAZELLE PERFORMS FOR HOUSE OF BURLESQUE ONCE AGAIN Absolem - the fictional character from Alice in Wonderland will thrill you with a riveting act performed by the one and only GAZELLE. Discover some delightfully devilish secrets and explore your wildest imagination on a truly magical journey through the maddest world. Gazelle morphs into the caterpillar from the well-known Lewis Carrol story but this isn't for children! Immerse yourself in your dark desires, witness her breathtaking beauty and discover the secrets of the caterpillar's garden.....

Eri Sagayama
Red Queen, Card group, White rabbits, Pink flamingos & Tea party scene.

Eri transforms her persona into the Queen of Hearts - Alice's deadly enemy. Off with her head! The Queen of Hearts' poor victims fall to their knees but what are they waiting for? Are they about to approach their death or are they simply begging for more shockingly extraordinary behaviour? Yes, there's nothing ordinary about the Queen of Hearts who uses her power above everyone and we're sure that your heart will be captured by this provocative young queen. With high expectations and rich rewards - she'll have your heart and the rest of your quivering body too... Pay close attention otherwise you may lose more than your head.

Eri started Classical Ballet at the age of 3 and trained until 16 in Tokyo. Joined Marching band in Tokyo, performed in many various events in different places including Tokyo Disney Sea. Moved to Australia in age of 23 and started to start training at Dance Factory, study Musical Theatre

ANOTHER FIRM HOUSE OF BURLESQUE FAVOURITE - SEE PINK MINX IN TWO RIVETING ACTS White Rabbit Pink Minx morphs herself into none other than the White Rabbit, who isn't just lost in time, she's lost track of everything - including her mind. Will you follow her down a deep, dark, mysterious hole in the ground? Or might you never be found? Be daring and take a curious journey and while you're chasing this little White Rabbit, stop, stay a while - take some tea and watch the rapture unfold before your eyes. Do take care though, the clock is ticking and with every second your sanity slip, slip, slipping away....

Alicia Barclay-Smyth
In this act, Alicia Barclay-Smyth becomes the grinning Cheshire Cat with her insane all-seeing eyes and ridiculously sensual yet grotesque smile....The Cheshire Cat is always there, sometimes unseen and other times in full visibility but watch out, you'll never know when she's going to appear.

This Cheshire Cat prefers to drink champagne rather than milk and you'll see her languish in the purest silk, smiling at everything or is she really smiling - is it a disguise? Keep watching that clock, in Wonderland, time flies!

Our lead choreographer and devilish Cheshire cat in which later turns into the white rabbit then mad hatter tea party scene Alicia has had extensive training in dance, vocals, and theatre at Urban Dance Centre in Sydney and Macquarie University. Alicia has had captivated audiences across Australia with theatrical and burlesque performances, recently finishing a tour with the acclaimed Star Wars Parody "The Empire Strips Back". Apart from her live performances in venues and festivals such as

Adelaide Fringe, the Melbourne comedy festival and the NRL she has also danced alongside Red Foo, Justice Cree and Havana Brown.

Emma Chitre
Card group, White rabbits, Pink flamingos & Tea party scene.

Emma is a multi-skilled performer and writer with a fondness for quirky or unusual characters. Recently she wrote and performed a one-woman cabaret called Declutter Me Now! Other recent shows include the play Love and Information and the new musical Tying the Knot. While she loves acting, singing and ancing across the stage, Emma also has a variety of screen credits to her name. These include the feature film The Department and the award-winning short musical film Glamour & Glitz. She works as a French-speaking puppeteer in the children's theatre in education show Le Troll Vaincu.


Nicole Melrose plays none other than little, inquisitive Alice but not the Alice you remember. This Alice is extremely glamorous, a young woman embarking on a far more grown-up adventure. She finds herself stepping through an enchanted mirror - right Through the Looking Glass and arrives in a land far from home, where everything is not as it should be. Sensual, whimsical and captivating, is it a real place or somewhere in Alice's fragile, little mind... Will you be as seduced as Alice?

Samantha Brodrick
Card group, White rabbits, Pink flamingos & Tea party scene.

Samantha started dancing at the age of four excelling in styles such as jazz, tap and ballet. In 2012 she completed an advanced diploma in full-time dance at The Edge. She has successfully competed interstate and overseas in Jazz and Cheerleading categories. She regularly performs in Amateur shows such as Legally Blonde, Shrek, Fame and many more. Samantha completed her vocal coach training in 2014 with ASV academy. Teaching and performing in shows brings nothing but joy into Samantha's life and she wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Sarochinee Sawakchim
Card group, White rabbits, Pink flamingos & Tea party scene.

Sarochinee is a dancer from Bangkok, Thailand. She has had full-time training in dance at Dance Factory in Melbourne and intensive training in ballet at Varaporn & Kanchana Ballet School (Bangkok, Thailand). Sarochinee has experienced more than 10 years perform on stage and competed rhythmic gymnastic as a Thailand national Team. Nowadays, she is a part of Scimm

Dance Company which is ballet-Contemporary style and also work in Fitness industry as a group instructor running High Intensity Interval Training classes and Fitness

Kristina Lee
Card group, White rabbits, Pink flamingos & Tea party scene.

Is a recent graduate of a Jason Coleman's Ministry of dance having completed her diploma of dance (Elite performance) where she was taught by working professionals in ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, jazz, commercial and Latin throughout 2 years full time Kristina went on to play for the AFL footy show player revue, the NCAA college football championship halftime show and take the role of dance Captains for Sevens network, The big musical quiz Kristina has also performed at

ongoing corporate events for the Casino and the Exhibition centre she has recently performed for masters of choreography Shakespeare's tragedy and comedy.



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