Valtosesh 4

Valtosesh 4

4:00pm, Sun 24 July, 2022

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Event Details

The Valtosesh is back for more with episode 4! This time teaming up with Brisbane's very own Pleistocenic music venue, The Woolly Mammoth, to bring you an afternoon/evening of eccentric and unique music to confuse and delight you. 

The usual suspects from Valtozash and Therein are back, this time accompanied by some very special guests. The legendary Spanish-Guitar rockers at Kallidad are coming to town once more to tear up the stage. And Brisbane's own Pending? are here to provide a kaleidoscopic musical experience guaranteed to make all your dreams come true.**

Come have a very casual Sunday with very normal music, some beer, and maybe even win something cool from the raffle! 

**’Pending?’ does not guarantee the achievement, implementation, or attainment of any being or non-beings dreams, goals, desires, hopes, thoughts, speculations, or flights of fancy.