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This Is The Tale of Muddy Balls - Single Launch


This Is The Tale of Muddy Balls - Single Launch

8:00pm, Sat 22 February, 2020

Event Details

We are thrilled to announce our new single release “This is the Tale of Muddy Balls” coming to you February 22nd @ Jive. This is our first concept track, an introduction to a story we are about to tell.

Set in the Year 2025 Ceydn Boxall is working in his lab a little half past 5. Within the space of 3 counts fast, he is thrown to the wall by a Nuclear blast. WW3 has ensured the world's mutual destruction and Ceydn is now experiencing some unexpected effects. His biology fuses with the drugs he is studying and amidst a painful overdose, he dies. 73 years later he comes back to life and is struck with an odd feeling. From his pores he begins to sweat a liquid thin like LSD, and as he walks through the dusty rubble of his old decrepit lab, he starts to sneezes scopolamine. He wakes himself up by slapping his face about, and as he does he notices brown tar dripping from his mouth. “What is the mess I’m in, this brown tar smell of heroin”. Standing still he looks at a mirror; Ceydn remarks “I feel odd, like an old Muddy Ball tossed out the yard, though never was lost”. As he comes to realize his unique ability, he feels a deranged compulsion. He believes that when he overdosed he was set free. And in a world of fallout set aside from feeling alive, maybe if he got others high their complicated circumstances would be simple and fine. He remarks with a brittle smirk “F#@k I feel tickitty boo. Now if anybody could be so kind to offer me the satisfaction in satisfying you. Why not get a little high, you never know, some of us might die.”
 Joining Attonbitus on the bill:
 Kitchen Witch
 Jungle City
 This launch is a post-apocalyptic themed dress up party.
 $5 dollars off entry if you come in costume.
 Free merchandise for best dressed.
 This is a night you wouldn't wanna miss.
 Come join us at Jive for a rhythmic ride and a foot loose twist.
 “This is the Tale of Muddy Balls”

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