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The Search For The Bush Panther Premiere

Dingo Jones

The Search For The Bush Panther Premiere

6:30pm, Thu 10 December, 2020

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The premiere of the first feature film from Dingo Jones.

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Curious loner Dingo Jones dives head first into a local legend suggesting the existence of a panther living in the Australian bush. This strange and twisted path leads him deep into the wilderness searching for the panther alone and on foot, while gaining further insight through interviews with witnesses and contact with professional big cat researchers.                       

This mystical fever dream of a film is the debut feature from radical new director Dingo Jones. With no discerning between fact and fiction the audience is dazzled with hallucinatory visuals and an exceptionally original soundtrack. This charismatic example of DIY filmmaking is incredibly exciting in the way it blends comedy, horror and experimental cinema.                   

The Search For The Bush Panther demonstrates impressive potential from an underground filmmaker at the outset of his career. Furthermore, Dingo Jones introduces the world to the Second Cinema movement spearheaded by Sydney production house Ghostflyer Productions.

Dingo Jones is the pseudonym of Sam Pfister, a young filmmaker from Wollongong who is currently based in Sydney. Over the past three years Dingo has been building an oeuvre as a writer, director and producer and in 2019 founded Ghostflyer Productions.

Jones has also been working as a music producer and composer for the past 5 years under the same name. The soundtrack to Bush Panther is one of his most impressive works yet.

Ghostflyer Productions is a Sydney-based production company specialising in stylised and radical new ways of filmmaking. They are pioneering a new wave called Second Cinema which is heavily influenced by the editing of French New Wave and the discipline of Dogme 95. This gives their films a particularly original look and feel which Dingo describes as Ultramodernism.

All music composed for the film by Dingo Jones is attached to associated music collective FAKE SOUNDS.

Official Trailer: https://youtu.be/G39LaNS1apA           

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