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The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy's Whisky Communion

The Reverend & Mrs Rowdy in association with Trees for Life, Steven Ter Horst, Tin Shed Brewery, The Jade and Umbrella: Winter City Sounds

The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy's Whisky Communion

7:00pm, Sat 22 July, 2017

Event Details

The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy’s Whisky Communion invokes the favourite spirit of Hank Williams (and the Tin Shed Distillery) rather than any old Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. An Americana flavoured communin' of music, whisky, chocolate, to save you from your winter blues.

The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy emerged full-fledged from the minds of Jem Phillips and Trisha Drioli, like a morning-after vision complete with backstory, bizarre theology, and new-old songs. The vision came to life in a 2015 Adelaide Fringe show and from the ashes of that sold-out season emerged a five-piece Rowdies ensemble. They bring succour and honkytonk redemption to tired sinners, reviving flagging spirits, and spreading a swingin' gospel of community, localism and drinkin' dancin' good-times.

Individual Rowdies have been part of the Adelaide music scene since the 80s. The Reverend (voice, guitar) led the much-loved Adelaide 80s punk-folk band Jack Nasty Face. Mrs Rowdy moved from classical piano (and the kitchen) to that ol' double bass coz she "just wanted to jam". Brother Nick Atherton is a travelling minstrel who calls Adelaide home but travels the country earning his keep, and his reputation as a "must see" slide guitarist. Sister Bell, fruit of the loins of the Reverend and Mrs Rowdy, found her superb voice in a musical family and spends her days as a Stage Manager in the Adelaide theatre scene. Add Young Nick Challans (guitar) apprentice carpenter in the very image of JC himself, and you have the genuine original Rowdies sound - spreading important political messages of our time and place, modern stories of post-industrial life, and a honkytonk flavoured Americana gospel according to Hank, Patsy and the Sex Pistols.

An Americana flavoured Communion - where community, music, chocolate and whisky converge to warm away the winter blues.

* Whisky communion and chocolate wafer included in door price (for those so spiritually inclined).

Doors open at 6:15pm