The Amazing Bodies Exhibition

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10:00am, Sat 5 March, 2011 - 5:00pm, Sun 8 May, 2011
Wayville Pavilion (Adelaide Showground), SA

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In Adelaide, only for a limited time, ignite your curiosity and uncover the mysteries of modern mummification at the Amazing Bodies Exhibition.

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The Amazing Bodies
Evidence of Darwin Vertebrate Evolution

Evolution has produced all the diversity of living organisms. This exhibition will be a journey through the evolution of Vertebrates; from Amphibians to Simians, majestic soaring birds to land dwelling humans. The diversity and similarities in structures of animals and humans that have completely different lifestyles is quite astounding.

The display of real humans and animals will vividly illustrate to the visitors the process of natural selection. Experience what Darwin characterised as endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful.

Through comparative anatomy of over 300 real humans and animals, The Amazing Bodies Exhibition takes you on a journey through the skeletal, nervous, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems of vertebrates.

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BUY TICKETS Tickets on sale now!

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