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3:00pm, Sun 10 March, 2024
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FREE GIG doors at 3pm

‘South by South East Asian’ (SXSEA) is the sexy way to shine a spotlight on South Asian and South East Asian musical artists in Naarm. 

Premiering at Brunswick Music Festival on March 10th, 2024, at 3 PM, at the Brunswick Artists Bar located on Sydney Road, SXSEA (pronounced 'sexy') promises an afternoon of eclectic sounds and soul-stirring performances, spotlighting the extraordinary talents of South East Asian artists who have made waves in the alternative music scene.

Experience a journey through the innovative and diverse world of bedroom pop, bubblegrunge, soul, and more, as SXSEA brings together a lineup of artists whose music transcends boundaries and celebrates cultural richness. This is not about world music, it’s about making music for the world. The Clever References, Meghna, and Caisha Sprout are set to deliver not just a concert but a narrative of their unique artistic journey, resonating with the heartbeats of their heritage and the rhythm of contemporary tunes. 

The Clever References (Indonesia/Vietnam/Sri-Lanka) – Bubblegrunge with Literary Layers (HEADLINER) 

The Clever References are a dynamic bubblegrunge band born from a serendipitous union of nerds with a passion for punk. Each from diverse social backgrounds, Ash, Sam, and Minh, joined by Vidusha, bring their unique energies to create an upbeat sound that’s deeply rooted in the spirit of '90s alternative music and fueled by the zest of modern times. Having rocked stages like the Moomba Festival and touring in Adelaide, their viral TikTok hit ‘Tell Ben Kate’ encapsulates their ethos – music that's inclusive, joyous, and irresistibly catchy! The Clever References are here to prove that music is a universal language that transcends all barriers.

Meghna (India) – Hip-Hop via Nu-House

Witness the powerful musical expressions of Meghna, an artist whose songs are as impactful as a thunderbolt. From singing and dancing at a tender age to writing and releasing 'Lost' at just 12, Meghna was always destined for musical greatness. Her artistry delves deep into the human condition, reflecting her keen observations and experiences. Drawing from her Tamil and Bengali heritage, her role as a law and human rights student, and her love for Hip-Hop, Meghna’s music is a compelling blend that illuminates both the joys and the deeper flaws of humanhood.

Caisha Sprout (India) – Indie Pop Rooted in the Blues 

Dive into the soulful world of Caisha Sprout, a Melbourne/Naarm-based artist of Indian heritage, whose music is a rich fusion of Blues, Roots, and Soul. Known for her hit single ‘Self Love’, Caisha’s artistry is a testament to her unique creative plantation. Her performances are a melodic embrace, featuring earthy tones of guitar, piano, and heartfelt vocals. They invite you to reconnect with your soul, feeling every lyric and every note.  

Join Us at SXSEA 

Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of alternative music from our BIPOC, CALD, LGBTQ+ and gender diverse communities at SXSEA. It's more than a concert; it's a celebration of cultural diversity, artistic innovation, and the universal language of music.


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