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Sui Zhen – Losing, Linda – Melbourne Album Launch

Sui Zhen – Losing, Linda – Melbourne Album Launch

7:00pm, Sun 13 October, 2019

Event Details

Sui Zhen is the multi-disciplinary practice borne from the curious mind of Becky Sui Zhen. Over the years, Becky’s eclectic taste and distinct conceptual interests have led her electronic pop into its own uncanny terrain. Her latest record, Losing, Linda, typifies the poise and depth of her vision. The Losing, Linda live set unfolds like a narrative from a dream, pairing Sui Zhen’s latest singles ‘Perfect Place’, ‘Matsudo City Life’ and ‘Being a Woman’ with expansive, atmospheric soundscapes, spoken-word and improvisation. Joined in her live band by Liv Jansz (Real Love, Punko), Casey Hartnett (Sleep Decade), Andrew Noble (NO ZU) and choreographer Megan Payne as Linda, come and enjoy the ever changing Sui Zhen landscape.

Running Times:
Doors Open: 7:00pm
Sara Savage DJ 7:00pm
Punko 7:30pm-8:00pm
Sara Savage DJ
SaD 8:20pm-9:00pm
Sara Savage DJ
Sui Zhen 9:30pm-10:40pm
Sara Savage DJ
Note: running times are approximate and may be subject to change. 

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