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Stefan Hunt - We're All Going to Die

Better Read Than Dead Presents

Stefan Hunt - We're All Going to Die

6:00pm, Mon 6 April, 2020

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Stefan Hunt is a successful film director, artist and producer, who, at the age of 27, suffered debilitating anxiety attacks. These attacks left him unable to make the most simple decisions in his day to day life, and completely unable to see a way forward. 

Eventually, he started to write, and out came five words: 'we're all going to die'. Far from a morbid thought, it was reassuring and inspiring, and marked the beginning of Stefan's new understanding of anxiety. 

We’re All Going to Die is a celebration of life through the lens of death. It's inspired by Hunt’s journey and the light-bulb moment that led him to realise that death can empower us to fear less and live more.   

Stefan discusses his book & remarkable life story with broadcaster Tom Tilley, host of the daily news program Hack on Triple J.

Tickets are just $5 each - or free with a pre-ordered book. 


About the Book

Stefan Hunt was a successful film director, travelling around the world and living a life most people would dream about. Then, at the age of 27, he was overcome with an anxiety that left him paralysed with fear. 

On the advice of a friend, he put pen to paper in search of relief, and out tumbled five words, the start of a poem that led to an epiphany: we’re all going to die. Far from being a morbid thought, Hunt felt reassured and inspired to start living again. 

Out of this rose his most ambitious creative endeavour titled We’re All Going To Die, which consisted of a book, short film and sold out multimedia art festival in Sydney Australia. 

Written and illustrated by Stefan, We’re All Going to Die pairs eloquent prose with whimsical illustrations, following a conversation between fear and death and asking the reader to look at the ‘what-ifs’, the ‘why nots’ and the ‘oh wells’ that might flash before your eyes if Death were to pay you a visit. The result is a simple message: fear less and live more.

“My wish for this book is that it will turn up in your life whenever you need to hear it most. When you’re stressing over a deadline, searching for your keys or teetering on the edge of taking a big risk, I hope this book falls off a shelf with your inevitable fate emblazoned across the cover. With that reminder you may do as you wish. You can bungee jump, you can quit your job, or you can lean in for a kiss. Or maybe, just maybe, you can give yourself permission to go forth into the world with your truest self at the centre of everything you do,” says Stefan.


About the Author

In 2006 Stefan Hunt packed his camera, headed to the USA, bought an ice cream truck and drove to all fifty states to make a documentary. This adventure set him on his way to directing films all over the world capturing beautiful stories, making new friends and eating tacos. He believes creativity and social impact should not be mutually exclusive, and his work consistently reflects this.

Often narrating through the eyes of a child, his films are naive yet poignant and a reminder that we were all once children. He has gone on to collaborate with the biggest global brands, directing multi award winning documentaries, commercials, music videos and TV series. And through it all there will always be one sentiment: to inspire change through creativity.

In 2017 Stefan launched his most ambitious creative endeavour titled We’re All Going To Die. This consisted of a published book, short film and sold out multimedia art festival in Sydney Australia. The project aims to empower an audience to ‘fear less and live more’ through humour, colour and death. It has since toured to New Zealand and USA. He lives in New York.

About Tom Tilley

Tom Tilley is an Australian radio presenter who currently hosts daily news program Hack on Triple J. He has also appeared on TV, hosting Hack Live, a studio based discussion program on ABC2.

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