Spoonbill: Crosshatch EP launch

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8:30pm, Sun 10 June, 2018

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Spoonbill's new EP - Crosshatch is ready to be unwrapped and presented live to Melbourne for a one off spectacle show. The event will feature the Spoonbill live ensemble performing within a custom built set and augmented with theatrical performers, lighting and visual delights.

Also sharing the stage on the night will be local DJ favourite Kodiak Kid serving top shelf groove, live electronica maestro Eastward who will be showcasing his recently released his debut album "Dream Of Hawaii", and Melbourne beatsmith chief amillionthings.

One of Melbourne's favourite natives delivers a new offering that weaves through sublime and squelchy synth tones, royally funked-up guitar and horn lines interlaced with irresistible lashings of exquisite bass. All entwined with that cheeky Spoonbill Wonkadelic Glitch Groove.


Spoonbill's distinguished brand of genre-bending musical amalgam has seen many transformations throughout the artist's career, which spans almost two decades. In 2015 we were blessed with an all-encompassing exploration of temple-tickling downtempo music with "Tinkerbox," the artist's chef d'oeuvre. "Squawkus" followed, which was a complete 180 from it's predecessor - a 4- piece selection of delectable dance floor ditties filled with relentless, atypical glitch and more intense wobbles than a San Francisco earthquake.

Now the man has returned with "Crosshatch," a highly palatable quintet of tunes brimming with smooth and calculated guitar riffs, invigorating horn work, and a colossal abundance of just what the doctor ordered - a hefty helping of GROOVE. The funk is seductive - it's impossible not to cheese ear to ear with rhythm this infectious.

The beauty of "Crosshatch" is that it combines the upbeat cavorting of "Squawkus" with the detail and careful intricacies of "Tinkerbox." The level of complexity compared to Spoonbill's previous release has increased, but the furious toe-tapping fervor remains. What "Crosshatch" does it does very well - it not only showcases the fun, quirky, danceable side of Spoonbill, but also appeases those who pick apart every last note, begging to find something new with each listen. This makes the EP a must-have for any collector of extraordinary music.

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