Snowcats, Monstera, Lewin Grimley & The Broken Strings

Alex Edwards

Snowcats, Monstera, Lewin Grimley & The Broken Strings

7:00pm, Sun 19 December, 2021

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Wintry, indie artisanship on tap with SNOWCATS, MONSTERA and LEWIN GRIMLEY & THE BROKEN STRINGS

Since the dawn of time, dinosaurs had roamed the Earth. But what, pray tell, emerges in penultimate glory in the casting call of prehistoric beasts? It would be the Woolly Mammoth! And so it goes, that Snowcats, Lewin Grimley And The Broken Strings & Monstera were fated to bind their gallant vendibles into a mega-product of show-stopping - yet ancient - jubilation. With alt-rock nous and generation-defining indie savvy, these posses were certain all along to inherit the 19th of December as a triumph of DIY-underground over.. well... ice age quadrupeds? Nay, a collaboration beckons! See you there, for a night of local Brissie music to remember!