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7:30pm, Fri 22 February, 2013

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Hailing from San Francisco, Sleepy Sun are a classic sounding Californian psychedelic rock band that best resembles the golden age of 70's rock. Sleepy Sun started way back in 2005 whilst then based in Santa Cruz under their original band name Mania, who at the time were a garage rock sounding band, all of which were attending the University of California together.

In 2007 Mania progressed from the garage into a full-realized psychedelic tour de force, around this time they changed their name to Sleepy Sun, which coincided with original vocalist Rachel Fannan joining the band. This is where the Sleepy Sun story officially starts.

With their 2008 debut album "embrace" released, which was re-issued the following year on All Tomorrows Parties recordings, Sleepy Sun went about taking to the road and touring the World over, in which they became featured artists at every note worthy festival imaginable, All Tomorrows Parties being one of them.

Their live shows in particular were hailed in the press, whilst their recordings received favorable reviews.

2010 saw the release of their 2nd studio album Fever; there first with new bassist Jack Allen, during the same year they toured the US with Arctic Monkey's. By the end of year Rachel Fannan had left the band. Rather than being replaced, she handing lead vocal duties over to Brett Constantino.

In 2012 Sleepy Sun came back strong by releasing their 3rd studio album for All Tomorrows Parties recordings, entitled Spine Hits, this was their first album with out Rachel Fannan on vocals.

In 2013 Sleepy Sun will finally be touring Australia, starting off with an appearance at All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Melbourne, Sleepy Sun will be performing at the Perth International Arts Festival and opening for the legendary Australian group Crime and the City Solution, whilst headlining a few of their own club shows.