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Shonen Knife 'Step Into Overdrive' Australia/NZ Tour 2015


Shonen Knife 'Step Into Overdrive' Australia/NZ Tour 2015

8:00pm, Thu 22 January, 2015

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The number one world famous Japanese all girls band Shonen Knife released their 19th album “Overdrive” via Valve/MGM earlier this year. And in their own words… "It’s a very ROCK album!”

Currently touring all over the world with this new release they finally make it down again to the great southern hemisphere in January 2015. As special guests of MONA FOMA 2015 and Brisbane's GOMA Future Beauty UP LATE they will be rocking their way across Australia and New Zealand. And hey ho... as a special inclusion MONA FOMA will present a rare performance of their Ramones Tribute OSAKA RAMONES. Let's go!
Shonen Knife worked very hard in 2013 and continue to do so. They toured all over the world and their song "Osaka Rock City" from the album "Pop Tune" released in 2012 was used as the theme song for the Japanese movie "Soul Flower Train"; as well as releasing their Ramones tribute album "Osaka Ramones" in 2011. Ever rocking band leader Naoko wrote 10 songs with passion and love for the new album... an album of warm, overdriven, abrasive guitars, doubled harmonic solos, dissonant power chords, menacing bass and thunderous drum rolls. The theme of this album is '70's Rock and '70's Hard Rock! Shonen Knife took over the great ROCK spirit of '70's rock music. Inspired by legendary bands like Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Runaways, ZZ Top, Judas Priest... Yes, it's "School of ROCK". 
Listen this OVERDRIVE and you will get to know how ROCK is wonderful!

"While the fuzz-filled punk vibe is still present and correct, there's also a hard rock thread running through Overdrive, with "Black crow", about a bird that never shuts up, and "Ramen Rock", a thunderous ode to their preferred noodle dish, containing unmistakeable nods to thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath" (7/10 Uncut Magazine)
"In a world of pomp and seriousness it benefits to have a band like Shonen Knife to counteract the cynical earnestness of a lot of rock music. 'Overdrive' shows a newfound menacing dissonance, but also a warmth that shows no sign of the band's life-affirming charm waning" (
7/10 Clash)

"Overdrive's sugary take on 70s dinosaur rock also stands unexpectedly in its favour, but ultimately all you need to know about the Osaka trio's nineteenth album is this: it's fucking AWESOME. Best not to question love when it's inevitably, irredeemably absolute." (
4/5 The Skinny)  

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