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Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate: Nature knows best.

Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate: Nature knows best.

6:30pm, Thu 17 October, 2019

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Sci fight is a quarterly Science Comedy Debate where scientists and comedians come together to debate serious issues in a ridiculous manner.

This round's topic: Nature Knows Best.

We are born of nature. We strive daily to return to Mother's ideal state; organic, pure, fresh, and free of chemicals. We're told we would definitely be a lot happier if we shook off the shackles of modern day living; buried our smart phone, swapped out our laptop for lapping lakes, exchanged our coke for coconuts and netflix for nectar and flowers.

And it's true; mother nature invented heaps of good stuff. Like sunsets. And the mantis shrimp. But she also invented scurvy. And obstetric fistula. And kidney stones. I mean what were we supposed to do with kidney stones!

Let's be honest; if left purely to the whims of evolution a whole bunch of us would not be alive for this event. To feed the lion nature sacrifices the goat. And the goat didn't really get a say in it. Nature doesn't have much truck with democracy.

And who gets to draw the line as to what even is natural? I mean, everything is of nature, if you squint hard enough. With the right mind set real estate agents are natural. So are banking holidays.

Come grab a bite and a beverage at the Howler and join us as we get essentialist. 

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