Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate: Love is a chemical

Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate: Love is a chemical Tickets

6:00pm, Wed 22 November, 2017
Spotted Mallard, MELBOURNE, VIC

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Sci Fight is a quarterly science comedy debate held at the wonderful Spotted Mallard, with your definitey qualified hosts, Alanta Colley and Tom Lang (citation needed).

This round's topic: Love is a chemical.

What is love? Is love all you need? Biologists and kitchen appliance manufacturers disagree. Is love in the air? If so what is the national air regulatory authority doing about it? What is the safe particulate level for airborne love?

Is love just evolution, a dopaminergic response to human touch, primed to prompt procreation? Honed over eons from the evolutionary advantage of humans living in groups? Is The Bachelor the signpost of our species' evolutionary cul de sac?

And if love *is* just a chemical, what does that mean for us? Is the subject of your adoration just an standard-issue sack of fluids like every other biped, a walking digestive tube, no more important, in the grand scheme, than your neighbour's chook? Why don't Valentines Day cards just say that?

The Ancient Greeks had six words for love, but the Eskimos have over twelve words for snow, and the Germans thirty for different kinds of sausage, so maybe just counting synonyms isn't so much a meaningful truth-finding exercise and more a vapid and irritating activity.

Join us as we bang together six intellectually endowed comedians and scientists to pull apart this most enigmatic psycho-social construct. We bear no responsibility for any shattered world-views or questioned values resulting from our debate.


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