Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate: Earth is holding us back

Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate: Earth is holding us back

6:00pm, Thu 15 November, 2018

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Sci Fight is a quarterly science comedy debate held at the Spotted Mallard, with your definitely qualified host Alanta Colley (citation needed).

This round's topic: Earth is holding us back

Is this planet weighing you down? Is gravity limiting your full potential? Would broader horizons broaden your horizons? Maybe Earth is holding you back!

Everything we strive for, everything we understand as success, or happiness, or right or wrong is earth-based. Love. Sunsets. Puppies. Avoiding a parking fine despite definitely having parked in an intersection. These are such a finite set of aspirations. Such limited things to strive for. A Whole New World of possibilities might just lie on the other side of this carbon-rich atmosphere!

What if we took life to other solar systems? Places where time and gravity worked differently? Maybe we could live twice as long! We could ditch the mundane chores of Earth, like buying postage stamps. Vacuuming. Or paying the Oxygen tax (spoiler alert: that comes in in 2035). Maybe we could put the constant misery of thinking about climate change behind us; and replace it with a perpetual terror of Climate Present! It's much easier to live in the moment when you're perpetually vigilant of sky fire and moving mountains!

If this planet is past the point of return should we redirect the energy from straw eradication campaigns or finding Adani a new hobby into finding somewhere new to live? I mean the Perfect Match for humanity might be out there, just behind one of the moons of Jupiter, waiting for our call! In an infinite universe the perfect home has to exist! And to be honest, it's getting pretty crowded round here.

Or is space exploration a futile waste of resources we could just be using to spruce this place up? Is it simply archaic colonialist thinking with stardust in its eyes? Is this simply yet another chapter of Icarus, when he really properly flew too close to the sun this time?

Ultimately, what have we got to lose? Nothing? Or everything?

Come to the Spotted Mallard, wine, dine, and witness a panel of qualified comics and experienced science sorts argue about whether we should Stay or Go. Last one left picks up the tab.

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