Sam Brittain with Sasha March & Ryan Martin John - For Salvation Army

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Sam Brittain with Sasha March & Ryan Martin John - For Salvation Army Tickets

8:00pm, Thu 21 December, 2017
The Grace Emily, SA

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Hey guys

So its been one heck of a big year this one, for lots of kind folks I know its brought about huge successes, crushing lows, moments of pure ecstasy and excitement for whats to come. Also moments where the weight bares to heavy and we have all needed someone to lean on.

One thing I think we all agree on is...where did it go and how did it go so darn quickly.

2017 saw me return to my home town of Adelaide after living in Dublin, Ireland, a short summer tour and then a chest infection that went sour and ultimately resulted in vocal surgery.

The only silver lining; my first couple months touring the U.S. and what a perception shattering experience it was.

Whilst on the road in the US I was writing from a very different stand point to usual. I was not searching for stories and narratives within the people and places I encountered but more so just spent my days trying to take not of a little moment; a word, a phrase or a sign on the street, literally ANYTHING that stood out to me and would make a good song title.

Then id go home each night and try and write that song...

Now a whole stack of new tunes exist that didn't before and I am all set to head into the studio in 2018 and make album number 4 for you guys.

So naturally...i am going to be playing one show at my favourite pub to get your thoughts on these songs and take notes on what works for you all before rolling tape.

Its a crazy time of year I know. But please if you can make it down on the night your support will make a huge difference.

As well as giving you this first insight into the new music I am going to donate all the proceeds from the show to The Salvation Army Australia to hopefully make some folks festive season just a little more comfortable.

Please tell your friends and family. Invite and spread the word and I cant wait to see you all one last time before we say goodbye to 2017 for good.

Lots of love


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