Rukz One gets 30 at Super Duper Best Friends 2

Rukz One gets 30 at Super Duper Best Friends 2 Tickets

6:00pm, Sat 9 June, 2018
Spotted Mallard, MELBOURNE, VIC

Event Details

dogmatic-7pm winnick-7.30 kat eddy trio-8.30 new shoes-9.30 renelophous-10.30 Free entry.

This time it's celebrational...Rukz One , Are/Why? and Liana Povic team up for Super Duper best friends 2, in celebration Rukz One's 30th Birthdeeee! So prepare for a collective of artists with unique vibes to jive under live lights and offer other worldly delights. Featuring 3 amazing resident artists; providing a full spectrum of human emotion that you can take home and hang on the wall. Dogmatic will kick off the night with some dope as Hip hop/ Rap and trap your brains and charge you for the night. Winnick is set to boggle your mind with lyrics that twist, styles that shift and melodies that disturb the very fabric of space and time. New$hoes; known for his soulful vocals and r&b flavoured rhythms, will be there to tell you; "yall gonna need to get yourself some new shoes." The Kat Eddy Trio will soothe you into a world of wonder through her powerful vocals strong lyricism and groovy tunes. All this and more before the six-piece party band Renelophus headline the night with some 90's throwback hip-hop, funk and experimental reggae to groove your mood and fine-tune your vibe to night cap your Saturday smack!

Saturday the 9th of June, be there from 6:30 (set times and bios below). The Super Duper best friend's party is all about the celebration and support for a collective of independent artists that want to share their love and all the good feels! Peace!

Artist Bios:
Dogmatic (7:00pm)
Jarryd, or Emcee Dogmatic is a 22 year old artist born and raised in Melbourne, is a young rapper/artist, coming from a rich musical background participating in metal bands and other music before taking up the mic, check out his music influenced by old school and new school Hip Hop

Winnick (7:30pm):
With over 10 years of gigging experience... (OMG i'm old...#keepup) and supporting the likes of Ash Grunwald, Dallas Frasca and Bonjah; Winnick has become known as an unpredictable, genre bending word wizard.
"You sound like Ed Sheeran on coke...but in a good way" - Some legend punter
He's quirky to say the least and never takes himself too seriously. It's a fusion of folk, rap, roots and rock'n'roll which he backs up with his theatrical roots. Using an acoustic guitar and a ginormous collection of original songs, he likes to tailor sets on the fly, which adapt to his given audience and environment

Kat Eddy Trio: (8:30pm):
As some guy once said, "nobody puts Baby in a corner" and similarly nobody puts a singer-songwriter into a genre box. But basically, we're talking guitar-based tunes with a little jazz and soul and some occasional funk or hip hop influence thrown in, underpinning lyrical explorations of major issues like injustice, feminism, vulnerability, and coffee. Audiences most frequently comment on Kat's interesting chords, her songwriting, and her very large guitar. Performing as a trio featuring Brad Moffitt on drums and Brendan Henriques on bass, neither of whom are permitted backing vocal mics (sorry boys).

New$hoes (9:30pm):
Nemo aka NEW$HOES is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Moving to Melbourne in early 2015 from Brisbane, Nemo began playing shows all around Melbourne becoming known for his soulful vocals, r&b flavored rhythms and emotional lyrical content. Utilising a basic loop pedal setup for live shows, with a hip hop influenced beat boxing style along with layered harmonies NEW$HOES gives a unique performance, compared to the likes of a Chet Faker or James Blake.

Renelophus (10:30pm):
Listeners are treated to a full fruit salad of moods leaving a strange pop after-taste. Each song is entirely different to the next and are brought together with the unmistakable vocal acrobatics of the delectable duo. With overly candid lyrical content (although almost entirely politically acceptable), enjoyment is definitely the intention of the band offering boogie-worthy rhythms to bounce to. The band promises to give something out of the ordinary for a party-going audience yearning for something different.

Resident Visual Artists:
Rukz One - Getting Thirty!!!
Paul Zahra is the creative force behind Rukz One. Inspired by music, nature, the universe and humanity, Paul has been creating art for as long as he can remember. Paul enjoys the idea of self-expression through all mediums. His art is unique and complex, and embraces the full spectrum of human emotion. Alternatively his character work reflects youthful days where skateboarding and art class topped the priority list. Whether bubbling over with the melodies from his mind, or freeing the colours of his emotion on paper, Paul is overflowing with creative energy. The soundtrack to Paul's work is a synergy of expression through instrumental and vocal poetics.

Ry Wilkin is a self-taught multi media artist. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia (SA) in 1983, and grew up in rural SA. Currently residing in Brunswick, VIC and working out of the Oh Yeah Wow studio space.

Liana Povic:
Liana Povic is the alter ego of Elyce, the gypsy behind it all. Dabbling in printing, tattooing, and various other types of art applications throughout her life, she has always had a passionate love affair with colour. Liana is inspired by the beauty and disgrace of life, nature and all it's emotions and transformations. This can be seen with the balance of colour, joy, shadows and darkness that dances throughout her creations. Due to the forever shifting whirlwind of life and nature her works form an everchanging and evolving style that reflects the peace as well as the chaos in a harmonious balance.



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