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Redspencer @ BaB's

Brunswick Music Festival and STAY CHEEKY present

Redspencer @ BaB's

8:00pm, Sat 9 March, 2024
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Once upon a dream, a dirty young chap named Dave escaped the small town of Glen Innes by jumping onto the back of a freight train with nothin but a fiddle on his back and two ciggies in his pocket. Not far behind him, his younger (yet more organised) brother, Aiden - barreling through the rain and barely keeping up with a sack full of bread crumbs took one last lunge at the cart as the train driver tooted the horn thing and picked up serious speed. They’d done it. After climbing up top and holding on tight to the roof rack bars (made for people in such situations) with backs against the wind and rain droplets stinging their necks like bullets, Glen Innes was already buried in layers of wet - wet - watery rain.


Somewhere along the track they bumped into Ryan ‘Riz’ Mclerie. Who was a good kinda fella to have around, he always could see the brighter side of things and funnily enough was very gifted with his hands. Hell he could paint, cut, n do near enough any old job, you name it.. He made enough pennies for everyone. Pretty soon Aiden didn’t need to carry around the sack of bread crumbs no more and he bought Dave a real fine suitcase for that fiddle.


After some time sleeping in a dirty old carriage they woke up in old Melbourne town. They’d heard about this place, dog eat dog city life and grime that don’t wash out of your trousers. So they decided to hit the ground running coz as it turns out they could all play music, that’s right, good ol boppin tunes they’d picked up along the railroads. Sometime around 2015 after popping out a bunch of singles a self titled EP was a likely progression. A year after that, they released the debut album ‘Perks’. “..a real knee tappin rock cracker..” - Old Melbourne Times. A few short years after that, in 2021 the second album ‘Dreamworld’ made its way into the hands of local radio stations and record store clerks, “..I tell ya what, it’s a good album..” Bathroom Janitor.


Fast forward, present day - In 2024, now with a few more years of hard living in the bag, a new/3rd album is in the works. Who knows what’s in store? I hear they’re playing ‘Brunswick Music Festival’ at ‘The Brunswick Artist’s Bar’ so check em out !



FREE ENTRY - First in Best Dressed

BRUNSWICK ARTISTS' BAR, downstairs of the BRUNSWICK BALLROOM, 314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 

Delicious food menu on offer. Kitchen open until 9pm.

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