RE-ENTRY // Odyssey Edition //

Moonbase presents

RE-ENTRY // Odyssey Edition //

10:00pm, Fri 21 May, 2021

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The AI supercomputer; Dugganaut, at the Moonbase Extraterrestrial Research labs has picked up a signal that seems to be a response to our announcement of the Odyssey celebrations. It seems the entity that we have been fighting for 3 years solid now has not relented fully and is attempting to mount a small scale attack against our forward operating base, The Sewing Room.

This is a message to all who are emboldened and willing to help us assert our dominance over the entity by stomping as loud as we can! It has obviously been weakened so just a show of force should be enough to deter the threat!

Don't worry though it won't just be us! We have assembled a crack team of Sonic Wizards to lead the charge into the stomping grounds!