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Psychedelicious Pre-Party

Milky Way

Psychedelicious Pre-Party

10:00pm, Fri 22 November, 2019

Event Details

Techno & Progressive Night with Psychedelic Stage

The Milky Was Tribe invites you to our first indoor gathering in the Perth CBD this year in anticipation for our annual psychedelic meeting coming up in a  few months. For this takeover, we will transform the dancefloor into a visual delicacy with our new 3d stage design  and mind melting trippy project mapping while our finest selection of local producers/djs will be showcasing everything in between the psychedelic techno realms to progressive psytrance. These legends will be performing at our main outdoor event in mid December, come for a taste of our homemade psychedelic platter!

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╰☆╮ Aleckat - Psychedelic Techno | Digital Diamonds Recs /Techgnosis Recs

Aleckat is an Australian born feline renowned for his prowess in mixing on the decks with his signature style in techno. 
Starting his musical journey with a pair of CDJs in 2007 he was captivated in mixing early 00s break beat and house music. The same year his musical tastes expanded after being introduced to underground bush parties and raves.
With a seemingly large contrast between the light-hearted, catchy music he grew to love and the dark, expansive sounds that psychedelic music has to offer, his style became a decade long pursuit in marrying the best of both worlds. Aimed at capturing hefty, driving Psycadelic Basslines and the funky rhythms and hooks of house music, all marinated with sultry undertones, intelligent percussion sequences, and a playful inviting nature.
Now Producing his own music alongside Djing gigs, his productions have slipped their way into the dance floor at Esoteric festival (Vic), Ponies, Cymatics festival (NZ), earth dance Festival, Fireworld, Transcendence and rain dance festival (WA), his music guaranteed to make you think, wiggle your hips and bring out even the shyest feline in their dance floor journey throughout the night.
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/aleckat-official

╰☆╮Kinimal - Progressive Psy-Tech | Techgnosis Recs

Kinimal is a passionate & talented DJ currently based in Perth WA, with a reputation for attention to detail and quality. He has become well known for careful track selection, emphasis on flow, Tight mixing and above all; a professional attitude & approach.
Kinimal has played a wide variety of open air parties, club gigs and larger festivals. Beginning in SE/QLD in 2014 and shortly after trading east for west he became a regular fixture in the local WA scene, 2017 saw many successes; one of them was Joining Techgnosis Records as the official Australian Label DJ, then early 2018 he became a Label Manager. Now Kinimal is grabbing the attention of promoters Aus wide for bookings and momentum is growing. 
After a slate of Interstate bookings in 2018 Kinimal, 2019 is looking to be a big year. Locally Kinimal has really upped the bar, being at the forefront for Progressive Techno DJ's in the Perth Underground Psy Scene which is trickling out into the wider scene. With plenty of support and recognition from Noteworthy and Successful Scene Producers, label Figures etc. Kinimal is fast becoming a serious player in the Australian Progressive and Psychedelic Techno Scene.
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/kinimal

╰☆╮Geomevtrix - Progressive Psy | ESF Recs/Temple Twisters Recs

Geomevtrix signed under ESF Records and Temple Twisters Records is the upcoming project of Mevin Naidu originally from Mauritius and currently lives in Perth, Australia.
Mev has been in the underground music scene for over a decade, founder of Milky Way productions hosting indoor and outdoor parties in Western Australia and Mauritius. Geomevtrix can play anything from progpsy, darkprog, psytrance, fullon to forest psy sets and performed in few interstates and international gig already and many more to come. This human can take you through dimensions day or night with his sets ranging from 130 to 155 bpm with a Geomevtrix twist along the lines of his unique style of dark progressive psy to hefty organic foresty psychedelic journeys.
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/geomevtrixjourney

╰☆╮Jeevan - Progressive Psy | Saava Recs

Jeevan is a DJ, Manger and A&R at Savva Records (Swiss label) for the Australasian region. He partially grew up in India where he attended his first full moon party in Bamboo Forest, Goa at the age of 10. He straight away fell in love with the music that became part of his life. Jeevan played his first set in 1996 in an Ashram in Pune, India where I discovered the beauty of sharing the music with other people, bringing them bliss, magic, total here and now. 
From that point in time he started to play regularly all over the globe on major Festivals such as the VOOV Experience (DE), the AUM Festival (NZ), the Antaris Project (DE), Pura Vida events (AU), diverse parties in Goa and legendary clubs such as the Trance Buddha in Amsterdam, the Natraj Temple in Munich, the Gibus Club in Paris and the Ave Porco Club in Buenos Aires. After having travelled the world for several years he finally found his home in Australia where he regularly plays alongside artists such as Symbolic, Infected Mushroom, Liquid Soul, GMS, Zen Mechanics, Juno Reactor and amazing local artists.
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/jeevan-jee

╰☆╮Kitsune - Psy-Tech/Prog Psy | Atomes Music

Kitsune is Yoshi originally from Fukuoka, Japan. Kitsune is Japanese word for the fox. In Japanese culture, spirits play a vital role and one of the most important is the kitsune, or fox spirit.
Kitsune, a.k.a. Yoshi moved to Australia in 2010 and is currently based in Perth. In 2006, Yoshi discovered the psychedelic trance scene in Fukuoka, Japan wherein he immediately fell in love with its music and people, especially dark psy, dark prog, and hi-tek where those tunes were extremely popular in his hometown back then. Kitsune mainly focuses on dark prog, dark/forest psy, hypnotic deep techno, as well as ambient tunes. With a passion for creating deep storylines unique to each set, Kitsune delivers something fresh with an undertail of hauntingly familiar. The primary source for his inspiration is the energy he feels from nature, and so it is in nature where you will see him at his best. The doof scene. Bush doofs, festival doofs, raves, warehouses, clubs... If it's serious and it means business... Kitsune is there.
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/user-962494751

╰☆╮ Breeve - Minimal Tech | Milky Way 

Breeve is a simple man, he likes big bouncy basslines, cheeky melodies and his steaks medium rare. Often seen in the wild donning his favourite red cap and spinning multiple genres such as Minimal, Techno, Psy and Dub he brings an unmistakable energy and enthusiasm to his sets.
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/breeve5

╰☆╮ Mayz - Minimal Prog | ESF Records

Perth based Dj who started out in the DnB scene in 2001, honing his skills on vinyl and quickly picking up some valuable lessons from local established artist along the way.
18 years later Mayz aka Ray is now a regular in the Perth Bush Doof scene. Mainly focusing on Minimal Tech and Psy Prog these days.
In the short 2 years of being booked for doofs MayZ has quickly made a big impact on Perths local doof community with Psy Prog, Chunky Aggressive Minimal and Progressive Minimal.
Gracing the stage on a regular basis now and has played alongside some local/interstate and international headliners including the likes of Ed Solo, Grouch, The Freestylers, Beats Antique, Smoke Sign, Purple Hayes, Like Liquid, Mr Bill, Silicon Slave, Grouch, Dreadean, Fraktal Nature, Metaflux, Father Funk, Morgazmk, Fraktal Faerie, Smilk, Geomevtrixx, Reactant, Bear, Kinimal, Dank Stank, Ajita, Arbee, Farfetched, Shie'ox, Schrodinga's Funk, Lunar, Sensient, Logman n Pstump and more.
Mayz also works closely with local crew Twisted Jah and is the head organiser of Twisted Jah Events. Like our page for upcoming events
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/mayzminimal

╰☆╮ Dr Spork/Schrodinger's Funk - Psytech | Milky Way

Is the funk alive? Is it dead? Is it in some sort of fluctuating superposition of the two?
We may never truly know, but if you stay a while, and listen, you will likely find that it doesn't really matter... after all, it's all about the journey and not the destination.
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/drspork
🎧 https://soundcloud.com/schroedingers-funk

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