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Picket Palace

Star Bar Bendigo

Picket Palace

7:00pm, Sun 23 February, 2020

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Their live show is an exuberant, exhilarating trip that is somehow both ferociously energetic and sincerely heartwarming; an adorable riot, not to be missed.

Picket Palace - Star Bar, Bendigo.
 After taking virality to another level with their tribute to Essendon footy star Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, and their follow up single ’Richo’, Melbourne punk-rock band PICKET PALACE will release a full footy album, appropriately named ‘THE FOOTY RECORD’.
 ‘THE FOOTY RECORD’ began almost as a joke; a couple of affectionate punk rock tributes to the band's favourite footballers, written mostly to amuse themselves. But once they introduced a couple of those tracks to their live set everyone fell in love with their raucous, ridiculous energy, and the band realised that they were too good to be wasted as unheralded throwaways.
 "As undeniably silly as some of these songs are, they are rooted in something absolutely sincere and honest, and something that turns out to be enormously resonant for a lot of people.”  - Jack O'Connell.
 ‘It was a chance to marry my two great loves: rock n roll and footy. All I ever wanted was free tickets to the tote and the G’
 - Seamus
 The first song on the album ‘All I Ever Want To Do’ is a track filled with childlike-wonder about the experience of going to the MCG, “putting up with shit seats and mid-strength beer because you’re just stoked to be there”.
 ‘Richo', their current single, is a tribute to who the band feel is the most beloved Richmond player in living memory. Although none of the band are Richmond supporters, they have a soft spot for the famously passionate Richmond supporters, one of the oldest and proudest clubs in the country.
 ‘Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’, their breakthrough single that went viral, is as thrilling as the player’s football game - electric and exhilarating and unpredictable and tenacious.
 The fourth track on the album, ‘Prior Opportunity’ is more of an interlude; it is the band’s imagining the crowd screaming for holding the ball, reimagined as a choir.
 ‘Aaron Hamill-Nitrate’ is a tongue in cheek song – given his name has come to be used as slang for Amyl Nitrate.The dynamics of the drum solo and the psychedelic lines weaved around it is meant to evoke the swirling, pulsing rush described from taking a huff of ‘Aaron’.
 The final track on the album ‘Don’t Argue’ is an expression used to describe the action of using your one free hand to fend off a player who is trying to tackle you. It’s celebrated as a display of toughness and dominance. The character in the song is inspired by the archetypal exponent of the ‘Don’t-Argue’, Dustin Martin. The lyrics are a caricature of that arrogant swagger, the self assuredness of a player who knows they are the strongest on the field. The line in the chorus, “How many do you do? Not enough!” is a reference to the early 2000s weetbix ads. The song builds up to a list of names of some of the most famous and celebrated examples of that kind of player - past and present - including a few AFLW players.
 Last month, Picket Palace sold out Melbourne's 'The Curtin', adding a second show to meet demand. Birthed and nurtured in a sweaty loft apartment above a picket fence workshop in Brunswick, Picket Palace take their name from the share-house apartment that brought the band together.
 Picket Palace consists of lead vocalist Seamus O’Connell, his brother Jack on guitar and vocals, Jack’s housemates Gus George on guitar and Julian Angelatos on drums, and their next-door neighbour Daniel Heeps on Bass.

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