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Peter Hollo's raven, Lachlan Dale & David Sattout

Hideaway Bar

Peter Hollo's raven, Lachlan Dale & David Sattout

6:00pm, Wed 25 November, 2020

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Peter Hollo's raven, Lachlan Dale & David Sattout!

Art As Catharsis presents a night of ambient explorations, deep drones, and swirling textural loops, featuring some of Sydney's nicest progressive musicians.- Peter Hollo's raven (cellist of Tangents)

Lachlan R. Dale (guitarist of Hashshashin)

- David Sattout (guitarist of HELU)

Entry is $15. Tickets are limited to 45.



Peter Hollo is a cellist and electronic musician from Sydney. He has over 2 decades of experience playing cello in a non-classical setting, starting with the pioneering rock string quartet FourPlay from the mid-1990s.

For the past 10 years, Peter has been a founding member of "post-everything" ensemble Tangents, who meld improv with electronic production techniques to create new forms both live and on record; their last release, on Booklyn label Temporary Residence Ltd, received high-scoring reviews in Pitchfork, AllMusic, PopMatters and elsewhere, and appeared in numerous year-end lists. Under the solo guise of raven, Peter has multiple releases ranging from experimental electronic through to multi-layered acoustic compositions.

Peter has presented and programmed Utility Fog on Sydney's FBi Radio for over 15 years, forging connections with experimental musicians locally and around the world, and bringing unusual sounds to the ears of countless listeners.


Lachlan is a Sydney musician whose music explores explores polyrhythms, drone, ritual and psychedelia.

While traditionally a guitarist, in recent years he has explored classical and folk music from the East through the Afghan rubab, Persian setar and the Pamiri Setor.

Lachlan plays a range of stringed instruments for Hashshashin - a trio who operate the the intersection between East and West, drawing on progressive rock, psychedelia, drone, post-rock and Eastern musical traditions. He also plays guitar in the 'Persian-drone' duo Black Aleph, with Persian classical musician Timothy Johannessen.Lachlan owns and manages two record labels - Art As Catharsis, with its focus on progressive Australian music, and Worlds Within Worlds, which focuses on classical instrumental music from the Middle East and across the globe.


David Sattout is a guitarist, songwriter and spoken word artist from Sydney. He has lent his talents to numerous projects over the years and occasionally toured Europe and Asia. He also dabbles in experimental guitar improvisation, which is nice.